SPACE DREADNOUGHTS | Free 2 Play Team-Based Warfare In SPACE (Dreadnought Gameplay)

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Dreadnought is an online sci-fi team battler with gameplay involving various Space Ships and large amounts of strategy and positioning. Thank you to Grey Box Games for sponsoring this video.

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DirishDevil says:

Look’s sick

The Cannonbuilder YT says:

will you try star conflict?

Oscar Kirimi says:

Hey Phly i have noticed the last King tiger vid was 2 years back, Please play the Tiger H and the Me262 A-1/U4 (attempt 1)

Robofortress says:

So, its just star conflict? But bigger?

Battleship 60 says:

Okay, I’m tired of seeing comments saying “Oh, this game is a copy of Fractured Space”.
It isn’t people, sure the combat systems looks similar but that’s where it ends. Gameplay wise, they are different even if they appear to share some traits
Dreadnought has two teams with 8 members for each team in a single map having to work together to achieve a goal. It also has a tier system
Fractured Space has teams of 5 and different map sectors with some giving bonuses. It also doesn’t have a tier system.
It isn’t a clone people, educate yourself

Hydragons Breath says:

Hey phly just wanted to say you inspired me to start my own channel and once again you inspired me to get this game I love it and I hope to see you in mm and if you could give me a shoutout that would be very kind

TheWingsofprey says:

This looks much more fun that fractured

Ascending Violence says:

Reminds me of star wars Battle front 2 with assault mode

That One Black Guy says:

Bro, rebind that command wheel! I have them on my thumb buttons and E disables modules…

daniel stanescu says:

y love the giants “mini”guns

Noah Brinkman says:


Onboard Basil says:

I never thought it would get to this. Only making videos of other games for money

Dave Krass says:

Corvette Pro-Tip: When you set power to weapons and blow the weapons amplifier at the same time, you can kill a destroyer with your main battery before you need to reload. Thanks for giving the game some love 🙂

David Dou says:

I’ve been playing this along with Warthunder, and I got to say I like the parts grind in this game more, in that you get 10% RP gain for ships you don’t play per match, so you can actually grind for upgrades for other ships, not just your main.

Also corvettes are the Leo2ks of the game. I’m already at T4 with some T5s unlocked, but you’ll be waiting in the queue for 10 minutes at a time for t5 matches

Patrick Winfield says:

So basically battlefleet gothic meets warthunder? Could be alright I guess

Rebooted R says:

Prepare for free 2 *pay*

Testa Me says:

robocraft 2018

Ryan D says:

A dreadnought game that works like war thunder with penetration and modules and shit would be sick

fts stiffmiester says:

i need to install this game again on this new system.

NIBIRO80 says:

show more lol, would not mind seeing a play trough

nicolas hankins says:

Try Fractured space ! cause this look like a bad copy of this actual game (wich is F2P also)

DevilsRejects- KaOs says:

I hope this works on a potato laptop

Lil94Pete says:

Would love to see more gameplay of this with different kinds of ships

雨後初陽 says:

no chinese QAQ

unknown unknown says:

“team game” I’ve been playing this game Ill get 1 out of 10 games with actually team knowing what to do n call out enemy ships. I love the game it’s fun

CaptainRTS Steam says:

The game is super fun, I have it on the PS4 and I have a high tier ship

SπdR says:

Fractured Space is better.

J Hutson says:

I will never play this cheap looking game, simply because they advertise on Youtube.

李穎儒 says:

Hi Phly, you can call me louis, can you play Panzer IV.H to take 8 kill over? I want to learn how to play Paner IV more best.
Attempt #93

Alon Raigorodetsky says:

Seems like another pay to win world of tanks style game

Gianluca Buiani says:

Is it on ps4?

warpig6640 says:

Paid for this game, it’s free now?

Bastian Neumann says:

Fractured Space is still better

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