Sonic Forces – Space Port Gameplay

In the frigid north of Sonic’s world is one of Eggman’s chemical plants supplying a space port. It’s up to the hero character to break through the base’s defense. In this gameplay video, we’ve armed our custom character with the powerful Drill Wispon!


Xboxgamerheadz says:

Is that the singer for sonic underground

OminousWind97 says:

I have this on repeat because of the song

TrueBlueHedgehog says:


Male Florges says:


James Fussell says:

Im officially hyped

MelmanOfDaSouthh says:

This bird avatar got so much swag

jose contreras says:


Sasaki Haise. says:

The lyrics of the song?

PolskiGamer17 says:

FunFact: This video has massively triggered Neogaf

MayanFrighter100000 says:

This gameplay show what Shadow the Hedgehog could have been in gameplay.

SeansDerpyStuff O.O says:

Going back to the Adventure 2 style, eh? Vocal tracks for key stages for the story? Nice!!

Cupriferous Catalyst says:

visually it looks really cool, but it kinda looks like they’re just holding forward and pressing the same button over and over.

Stickfab says:

The zones are what’s left from original zones, this is generations 2 after all

Major Tuttle says:

The only thing that I don’t really like about the custom character is how they completely stop when using the grappling hook thing. It just messes with the pacing and looks really weird and out of place.

ChipChapChop says:

lol. This is so dumb. It’s probably exactly what my 13-year-old self would have loved, though.

beep beep lettuce says:

I’m so glad I pre-ordered this game.

MetalJrock2299 says:

Fun fact: Failing the QTE actually takes you to another part of the level not seen here.

Ree Meroma says:

Sweet song. Doubtful about the stage though other than looks. I hope to see gameplay with the other paths.

Nice Guy says:

Who else comes here for the soundtrack?

Colin Sudds says:

I’m glad to know that those cutscenes are actually QTEs.

RcL Luke says:

Y so linear

Sonica The hedgehog says:

perry the platapus exclusive dcl gameplay

Neri Vale Ari says:

Chemical plant XD

Emilio Angeles says:

I had hope on Sonic with this new game but no they did not make a change the game should reward you for going fast but it Is really hard to jumb right in the moment or to see the enemies coming the stages are designed to make you go slow. And why are the developers trying to make a super deep story with deep characters with super dark past? Instead of making the player feel interested on it they make the player laugh. Sonic had His time to shine but they are over. The only good thing about this game Is the music bit the graphics are really nada for the Time

Fahad Khan says:

This “Zack Cummers” that’s spamming the comments has some issues here. Apparently he doesn’t know what an opinion is.

Jarius Johnson says:

Hoping for an ost of this. Sega great work so far.

Pimptrap The Strong Badian Pimp says:

is this the Love Child of the Death Egg and the Chemical Plant Zone?

super captain Lyall man says:

I’m hyped

JustaGuy says:

OH MY GOD YES!!!! Vocals in A sonic level!! That hasn’t been done since Adventure 2…right? I may be mistaken but still! Thats pretty cool!

Tyrone Galloway says:

Oh dis shit is intense

Abed I says:

That music though!!

Mind your own goddamn business, G E N E. says:

I really really hope this game is good because it’s so aesthetically pleasing and the story is looking amazing too

Cupriferous Catalyst says:

i also don’t understand why everyone is comparing it to chemical plant zone? to me it just looks like every factory level ever, but with snow.

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