No wonder we crashed onto this planet.

1000 likes and the precursors might invite us over for dinner.

Welcome back to Subnautica!
In this episode we look closer at the precursor mountain base, also known as the precursor gun. Then we find out that theres a command to watch the gun shoot it’s animation into space! I’m almost positive now that is what brought down our ship.

Thanks Alex Ebanks for the suggestion!

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Kira Kaliandra says:

I just cant wait for them to finish the story! Tis’gonna be gud

Dante Sabella says:


LynnWolf gaming says:

Embear it as just a door, the virus isn’t around for a while as it is important to the story, and you already went into the blocked off area, as it has 2 entrances

Logan P says:

Boy you going to get in trouble for do in it to schoole

Micheal Wilson says:

the virus is calld carar you dumdum!

IgramoSa Chodom says:

when the gun shooted it shot Sunbeam down wich were commin to save you and the gun shot down the Aurora

XxNerd-InboundxX says:

What the gun hits, is the ship that is coming to save you. So that’s why you need to make the rocket.
The warped follows you because your infected.
The ship that is coming to save you is called sunbeam.
Also have a nice day! ^^

cameron Ellis says:

I think the gun shot down your ship

Jona Gonzá 042 says:

What that thing shot out of space was the ship that was coming to rescue you

Xxandy2003xX says:

To say this game is being made by a small development team it’s graphically amazing and the work and effort they put into this game wow now i can say this confidently EA games fuck all

The Beast says:

That’s what shot down the arura

Chris deadkiller says:

i am

Alexander Kray says:

Is curious enough to go out to where the explosion happens
Doesn’t go to water under explosion
(I know, time constraints, but c’mon)

Dominic Falk says:

Whats the biome for this

Wind Dragon says:

why with the thrust jokes!?!?

mandy son says:

That weapons shut down the Aurora

FrighteningSpoon says:

@Embear what are your pc specs m8? I run Fallout 4 max settings with a 400$ i7 Quad Core 3.7GHz and a 1000$ Graphic Card ;~; (CAD$ TO US$ IS FUCKING PRICEY AS FUCK) it’s an Asus GTX 1070 Strix. In big environments with buildings everywhere I drop to 48fps but past that shit I’m on a flawless trip to 60fps 😀

Also should I SLI? ;~;

djoxbox says:

That beam crashed a ARORA.

Jackson Roberts says:

30000 views precise

Challenger Games says:

Is it just me or does the green on the precursor building look like the 115? (Origins)

The Shocking Dropkick says:

pearlescent finish?

xenomorph 2002 says:

i finke it shot the arora

Katya T. says:

that gun just avada kedavra’d that poor ship

Jacob Dicks says:

What if the gun firing animation is going to be in a cutscenes at the beginning of the game and what it exploded is because it shot the aurora? That would be interesting

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