SENDING A SHARK TO SPACE? – Mosh Pit Simulator Gameplay – VR Sandbox Game

Sending a Shark to Space? – Mosh Pit Simulator Gameplay

Building a rocket to send a Shark to the moon in Mosh Pit Simulator Gameplay; a VR Sandbox game similar to Garry’s Mod but in VR! Will SpyCakes be successful in sending his friend into space by rocket? Also checking out the new Driving mode in the update!

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About Mosh Pit Simulator VR:

“Mosh Pit Simulator is an open-world physical sand-box game about a world that is overrun by brainless boneless humanoid creatures, and even tho they’re are pretty harmless, it doesn’t stop you from getting in their way just for fun. Use VR physics to punch with destruction, build and create contraptions with rockets and more!”

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this isn’t Garry’s Mod but it’s quite similar to Gmod!

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Édouard Couture says:

Water shark, land shark and now air shark?

Verity catherine says:

Im just surprised this video got monitized

MrCozyCamper says:


jonas ivan montañez says:

And Amazing too

Fin Wolf says:

Spy: im tired from all the mess *make even more mess*
Me: yea make more mess HAHA

arthur more gun? says:

An space program where we send a shark to the moon :v

Kenny Phan says:

make move zombie vids

Nomi Sheppard says:

I love you my favorite vids are brickricks

Gab Lopez says:

I bet it die (sended this before the video started)

darealJerrygaming says:

hi spy me and my bro are watching you right now

jaiden Tannis says:

OMG no way man I what to be that shark

Aparajita Das Gupta says:

I hate this game

Zoxis Gaming says:

Spycakes can you please play dwan of man and spin tire Mudruner

big tveitan says:

nice video spy <3

Verity catherine says:

Also be warned of the crocodogo. It is vicious and can make you want to pet it

Gasat Quiaoit says:

Its super cool spy do more

Izuku says:

Pua woah woah woah woah shark

Michael Paul Vuhanji says:

Can u play the story mode plsss

MePk says:


Nightcore Dragneel says:

lol I know why he is called spy cakes cuz he is a spy and also he loves cakes XD btw I love all of ur vids

Matt Huff says:


Edlian Fuentes says:


Benj Ochoa says:

Spy what if you made it multiplayer

DAVE Madarcos says:

Luv your vids please do a another episode of colony survival

Suomi gamer says:

good vid can you ake more pademic express vids

Tony Fernando says:

Your the best


*Best part about spys video is his commentry*

Abyan Hafiz says:

early SQUAD


spy why did the notification is late for 30 minutes in my phone???i hope u see this

Anthony Nunez says:

Love the vid and please play more left 4 dead PLEASEEEEEEEEE

VJ Delicana says:

We love you spy

Luismarc Balasta says:

I love your video spycakes

daMEAN 757 says:

Your videos are the best spy

the Flight Channel TFS says:

can you make a car or vehicle cuz i see the story mode we can make car the woobly apcolapsy

LfoCvO Games'n'Music says:

Driving in a nut shell

Fabi channel says:

only 400 likes in a hour? i thought it was 380 (until i liked) Million xD 381 Million likes

SpyCakes says:

Sending a shark to space in more Mosh Pit Simulator! How many “oh man” were you able to count this episode? What would you like to see next?

Sean Bendolo says:

cool video spy your the bet pls reply to this comment and post it on your next video

Yousterz says:

Great Video Spy!! I am Actually learning how to make my own videos myself and you inspired me to do it! I hope I become a popular youtuber like you!! 😀

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