Secrets of Space Survival! – 60 Parsecs Gameplay Impressions

60 Parsecs gameplay impressions with Splat! Let’s Play 60 Parsecs and check out a new addition to the secret ending filled 60 Seconds! Wanna find all the best stuff? Don’t look at me!

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I Fucking Shaved My Balls for This? says:

Earthworm Jim….oh that takes me back.

eenayeah says:

I love that pronunciation of “debris”. LOL Feels better.

Adam Tybl says:

i hope this game is good..

ScumBag says:

Feel like splat would be a good friend cos of the stuff he was saying bout the detached phone. Although clearly joking then it shows it’s something he thinks about. Feel like it’d be nice to have friends with that perspective.

lukechung says:

upload more

Neon Shadow says:

The game looks great visually except for that dude you’re playing as, hahaha. That run man.

Captain Decimus says:

Game: Press Spacebar or LMB to pick up rations.

Cuphead Gaming says:

How long is a parasec?

Ethan Barrow says:

Look at the Amount of tallies on the cards to tell which one to pick, which ever one had the most tallies you should pick. Good luck splatter, love the videos and have for years now.

Tom Ohle says:

ruvv you

nametakerkiller arrgh says:

Hi splat

Penbrook says:

This is awesome! Please upload another episode soon

m8 says:

pls do more videos of this game

Samira El Robrini says:

My shane is achraf game over

SpadeRZA says:

Han Solo is an idot and fucked up so many lives.. parsecs is a measurement of distance and not of time.. get your facts straight.

Oh and by the way “debris” is pronounced “dɛbri”

Jubul Dowthitt says:

PLEASE keep playing this

DatCameraMON says:

So 60 seconds and SS13 put together?

Raeesa Obray says:

Make another vid of this game Splat

Creopl Tily says:

Is this any different from 60 seconds other than the space theme?

Elusive Warthog says:

“Everyone on Earth died in a nuclear explosion” N A N I

demented gamer says:

Why so little veiws on this vid it’s Soo cool

Terron High says:

He doesnt need soup… He needs Wolf cookies

VyseRogue13 says:

Keep playing!

Avoan Black says:

how did they travel 196 light years? ON 9 CANS OF SOUP!

Charlie Scene says:

Omg. Someone tell Kubscoutz!

Meesoe Dontask says:

I was gonna say this on IGP’s channel but it seems more appropriate here then there… THIS GAME… IS JAIL IN SPACE… Everyone looking for soup no matter what… LOL!!!

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