SB Plays Vaulters 01 – Return (Endless Space 2 Gameplay)

It’s good to be back!

Endless Space 2 is a space 4X from Amplitude Studios, returning simultaneously to the roots of the studio and of the genre. Play as irresponsible megascientists, beings from an abstract universe, or a colony of massive trees as you struggle to achieve dominance or at least safety in a hostile galaxy.
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James Willey says:

Oh man, I passed on getting ES2 at launch because the Vaulters were’t in it, but now they are and it’s on sale…. thanks for the inadvertent advertisement SB.

╦╩╦Ares╦╩╦ says:

Check out my Endless space 2 vid with Turn 350+ game play, Battles, and more

Renegen1 says:

good narration.

truytske says:

Would it be possible to show us your settings of the game? And one more question: are you running any mods?

sweedaal says:

I saw you struggling with the decision of which curiosity to probe first. generally speaking ruins and signal types should have highest priority because they have the best chance to give you free ship modules which can really give you the edge in early fights vs the cheating endless AI (even tho ES2 is still more forgiving than EL). so unless you REALLY want to know the anomalies/ressources of a planet you want to settle id go for those in the early game.

Chad Carew says:

So pleased to see you playing an Amplitude game again SB. This game already looks like fun. Hope you are enjoying it! (Or did enjoy it since it is likely over at this point)

Squallcloud95 says:

Endless space 2 is still missing something for me compared to Endless legend :/. I had fun but not as much. Nice series anyway!

Ryan Blair says:

I have endless space haven’t played it much tho just got back into pc gaming afew days ago after many years but I’ve been obsessed with endless legend should I get endless space 2 and skip the first one ?

gamerx112 says:

mousing over the improvement tells you which political opinion it governs. i.e. Scientific, Militarist, Ecological and so on.

Ryan Brue says:

Can anyone tell me the difference between Coordinator ships and Protector ships?

beatlecost says:

We need a Twilight Imperium mod for this.

GrenPara says:

Did you buy the entire Endless 2 dlc’s? as i see Vaulters are a dlc so not sure if everyone gets some of them in game. Or if person only gets them if they buy Vaulters dlc.

chausser says:

Awesome! Was looking forward to your playthrough of this game, SB. Always enjoy your Amplitude let’s plays.

Just started my own Vaulters playthrough and was two systems away from BOTH Auriga and the Academy. Crazy start.

Pedro Alexandre says:

The AI is less stupid, but it stills make some awkward decisions….
The strategic resource deposits got a HUGE nerf: -50% on extraction. Good luck!
And their portals (Vaulters) get more expensive for each portal already built.

eddie metcalf says:

Privateers are nice to harass a faction you don’t want to be at war with. People will probably figure out whats up but as far as the ai is concerned its just getting attacked by pirates

The Nose Plays says:

Very excited to see you playing this again. Vaulters are my favorite faction in each of the previous games. In your later videos you should explore all the new combat modules. They have new swarm missiles, fighters and bombers, and even boarding pods that can take over and claim other enemy ships.

greatorder says:

Gotta say, this is one hell of a pretty game.

Been playing the original ES (Since my laptop that I’m using is crap) and it’s nowhere near as nice as this, even accounting for age.

TheRazaah says:

I know i am late to the party but did you honestly ask what the advantage of disguising your ships as pirates is ?
Dude ! Its pirates. Everyone thinks its pirates. Couldnt you dump them in a system you want to colonize but the damn ai keeps spamming outposts there. Just lock it down, watch them starve and blame the pirates ! Profit. 😀

Leverquin says:

wait es have 12 empires and es2 with dlc 9? why 🙁

Myr says:

Did you claim the community challenge rewards on games2gether? New / More tech and modules and sutff. Can’t tell since you never glanced over the tech tree enough.

chuck buck says:

zolya has that I’m to old for this shit look on her face

TheTribalLion says:


Parasax1 says:

I do already have Endless Space 2, and i love the way you talk, explain and play, al chilled out. Got a new sub, looking forward for the next episode (i would love if you could also explain a bit about the lore, just for a bit more immersion)

truytske says:

Just discovered your channel. Just woooow. Amazing content. Nice commentary. Aaaand you play endless space :D. Ill sub you for that!

HypertronDE says:

During my last game I completely integrated the Vaulters into the United Empire. (Although by conquest) But wouldn`t it make more sense for the Vaulters to become part of the United Empire, because they are protectors of all human species ?

Feles Bybliothecarius says:

37:45 LOL that was brilliant!

Dimitry Profus says:

From your previous ES2 let’s play I notice you always adjusted the production queue from the System summary screen. Did you know you can modify a system’s production queue directly from the Empire Summary screen by clicking the Construction column of the system table?

Sven Zverg says:

When you select Argosy there is a colonize button on action panel. It shows the timer to the next free colonization. That just might help you in planning sometime. Also that decimal stuff you mentioned actually applies to fleet movement points: it shows 0.5 as 0. Useful to keep in mind and always give order to ships even if they show zero movement points.

Also I kinda hate you for starting this series on Friday. Three days till second episode. :/ Oh, well…

Tinithor says:

Man i remember when i first discovered your channel from your endless legend series. I’m not as much a fan of the sci fi but still happy to see you play these again.

sdauz says:

Noice! SB!

Leverquin says:

es vs es2 what to get?


so you actually dont fly spaceships in this game at all ? 🙂

andrewjacksonbr says:

I am a New subscriber, and new to Endless Space so SB please let me know if you’re gonna stop uploading content for this game. I am learning a lot.

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