ROBOT SPACE AIDS – Destiny: Rise of Iron Gameplay

I know it sounds like we’re making light of the disease, but really we just want to dispel myths regarding Robot Space Aids transmission while increasing awareness of modern Robot Space Aids prevention methods.

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Gerben says:

“Is this the iron disease?”

Brandon Morgain says:

Hahaha I enjoyed

Yang Xiao Long says:

Whoever did this videos thumbnail was way better compared to the person whoever did the first one.. God damn spastics.

halofornoobs93 says:

Rise of Iron was one of the most pathetic excuses for DLC that I have ever seen. 30 fucking dollars. I still have a hard time believing that this is the company that made Halo. I tried so hard to give Destiny another chance after the crap fest that was Taken King and they just continued to let me down so hard.

Sort ya fringe out. says:

This video has more content than destiny. And I didnt have to pay over £100!!

Thanks Funhaus, consider yourselves subscrobbled.

Classless Gamers says:

if trump gets elected he should have bungie design the border wall

Roshadrimi MJ says:


Crusty Crust says:

Lawrence life would be better without you

MrHeart12 says:

destiny kind of sucks. the only fun part is getting drunk and playing the raid with your friends, getting to the point to be able to raid literally used to make me groan with discontent. glad i stopped playing it.

RunninBearPoo says:

Lmao the break down at the end so funny

MrGhoulster says:

These new fallen aslo have pointed hats!

whythelongmoustache says:

Just tell us how to get the fucking hammer, Jacob!

Greg Sierra says:

As an actual destiny fan, this was painful to watch.

norXmal says:

Who would have thought they would start the episode with infiltrating Trump’s wall.
That is probably why James is in the thumbnail.

FireMammoth says:

a reskin of the first map, waw

Alex Bolanos says:

Play trials of osiris

Jason Ross says:

“robot space aids”

isn’t that just the flood?

David Teachout says:

Man you guys can be the shit out of dead horse no matter how long ago the joke stopped being funny (about a minute into the last video for me)

Oscar Monstah says:

More destiny !!

Joey King says:

8/10 Decent amount of AIDs jokes

Funky Fresh says:

yous are sound.

Lee Maliqui says:

ohhh Lawrence…..sounds like you need a new dildo, and new destiny, and a new person to hug

Infantryriflem4 says:

yeah…… fuck destiny

Icky says:

adam is such a buzz kill holy shit

NoahJ says:

Yup yup yup, fuck destiny. What a shit game.

Darksidex10 says:

Lorance’s texas is showing

Comically Stupid says:

Destiny a game so good throwing a grenade in a pipe is more fun than the actual game.

DaftHacker says:

I can imagine Bruce being like, alright guys we can clock out now and everyone’s like, but i wanna play games.

Yo Dawgz Gaming says:

Destiny is terrible content for videos, even at its best. And this was at its worst. Please, no more Destiny crap.

Mizzy Mike says:

fuckin love destiny

SuperbHappyGuy says:

Are these destiny vids supposed to be a cringe compilation?

Kyle says:

Truly love the commentary.

Status Omega says:

I love how you guys want to like the game cuz it is actually a well made and fun game but you guys know that they basically a copy and pasted the gameplay and story so you’re still unimpressed.. like I was

a fan of canta says:

Funhaus vs Achievement Hunter in Destiny!

Peter Herff says:

Hey Jacob where do I get the hammer?

T1mel1ne - says:

my girlfriend wants to know when “a new hitman” is going to be uploaded. We watch it in bed of an evening because we’re awesome.

fruityyyyyy says:

I had fun watching this while playing Destiny.

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