Pixel Piracy in Space! – Pixel Privateers Gameplay | Let’s Play Pixel Privateers Part 1

Let’s Play Pixel Privateers Gameplay Ep 1 – Pixels everywhere! Pixel Privateers is a Squad Based Tactical RPG “Loot ‘Em Up” game.

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Focusing on a user-customizable experience and robust multiplayer within the framework of a deep and engaging space exploration RPG, Pixel Privateers seeks to provide a truly accessible experience that will appeal to gamers of all types and skill levels. Think Pixel Piracy in Space! #PixelPrivateers #Gameplay

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Hellkite says:

“I can understand killing the weasel, but not the bir—whose this guy? Ok let’s go.”
– Falcon 2017

Watson Byas says:

More please

Ulrik Werner says:

More More MORE! 🙂

Dravish Darkstar says:

2:03 How is it that nobody has commented on the fact that the computer monitor or window or whatever it is in the background reads ‘the clown is coming’ backwards?

Heruhcane Dean says:

Bear nests? I thought they were called dens, I learned something.

commandrock37 says:

falcon you will never get 69

Jonathan Van de wal says:

Ahhhhh the 240pstruggle!


Yea falcon keep going man/bird

Silver Reaper says:

I AM IN LOVE with tha coco plx do more senior falcone

James Black says:

Looks like great fun, definitely want to see more!

techintay says:

Much love for your video from Thailand. <3

LeeNeedsMana says:

i saw the UI item research seems to be eye irritating. That angle or UI maybe seems not so good in my perspective

Almantuxas says:

Haven’t you already made a one shot, while it was still in development? Or am I just remembering someone, that played that game before?

Cathairez says:

I LOVED Pixel Pirates for sure, seemed like everyone hated it but me.

mistergod3 says:


Dracologist says:

ever played Halcyon 6 by the way? o _o

Drew Blackwell says:

You keep thinking of genitalia ? Makes sense.

Titan Csokona says:

YES!!! My 2 favourite thigs, pixels and pirates!

Jeremy Reese says:

You should run a full series, you are the only person I know that has a pre-release copy.

Sir Proximity says:

Rest in spaghetti never forgetii
Bird (2k17-2k17)
“You were randomly generated as a bird and died at the -hands- claws? of a bird.”

tj Mayer says:

I love it

04deathscythe says:

moar zombie kiling 😀

GuildOfCalamity says:


Blood Wolf says:

pls more videos of this game

Paul A. says:

So Many references in the character creation, I was honestly happy you went with the great Tikk A. Masala as your CEO, I love Tikka Masala

Choppytehbear1337 says:

You know that you have to click the floating skill icon to activate the skill right?

Biru Alur Laut says:


Noah Moran says:

Awesome game!! Great series!

D3c0 R!gga says:

does this game have freedom like starbound and games like that where you just do whatever know this aint a building game but again can you free roam ???

TheLorlan says:

Your videos are great!

T LAND says:

I LOVE THIS GAME thanxs for content

Cryosens says:

oh man i waited so long for this game 😀

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