Phantaruk – Part 1, Atmospheric Space Survival Horror Game (Gameplay / Walkthrough)

Phantaruk is a new indie horror game set in space. You wake up alone and sick on the Purity-02 Spaceship and have to try to escape.


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Kifilou says:

OMG the way you say the title Ha ha ha !!!

Sarah CenserSladez Siddique says:

You know what I like about you ? You’ve got a calm persona. You’re easy to watch play. You’re not shrieking into the mic every second or two like PewDiePie and Markiplier… Nice one dude 🙂

Primos says:

This game is polish

dawnmccarthy1 says:

4:13 Ya mean Adr1ft? Maybe Verde Station? Alien Isolation? Syndrome? Also. The graphics look a little cartoony in some areas. Like borderlands. =P But that’s just me.

bozetheman11 says:

is this a soma rip off?

Nigel Walton says:

Totally excellent Walkthrough, worthy of a high rating on my current subscription list. Nice work.

PlayerNinjaNerd says:

Love your videos! Do you go to conventions? Have you ever gone to San Japan?

Mitsunyan says:

Aww, death animation a little bit too indie-horror-game to me. Underwhelming is the word, probably.

Ab Lua says:

Well if you are looking for space horror You should play some Dead space :p

Artsy Khira says:

i want the Phantaruk symbol on a baggy black sweater

OnyxDraws Offical says:

Love your videos Kravin!

Industrial Yam says:

yay new series! looks like its gonna be a good one

Jamie Bates says:

Nice rendition of Saria’s Song there 😛

schradeya says:

I LOVED your little “fuck it I’ll dooo itttt liiiiive” song. Genuinely loved it. <3

Dave s says:

liked! nice man. but please lower your mouse sensitivity!

Thatsamegamergirl07 says:

stasis is a good game too

Bubble Gut Gaming says:

Isolation clone.

the_fatpack01 says:

hey kravin ur an epic youtuber and tbh this is the first time ive ever had a chance to message you and for u to hopefully read and i love u bro wish u the best of luck with all your games

kelly moquin says:

I dislike that there is No where to hide. I turned a round and got killed..My game is super dark.

Ali Yaman says:

Phantaruk save game where file ???????

blech448 says:

first! lovvvveee :*

LoveNathasha says:

Yeah, the fact that people are becoming against vaccines and that our bodies are becoming resistant to certain antibiotics….. Lots of sicknesses are going to be a problem again

Nina Ukrainka Transi 597 71 63 92 says:


Tom Dudel says:

a box with a light have to be able to open!
everything illuminated you have to be able to open!!!
i hate this future. : )

Mari and Jess Bilbao says:

Hello :3

ZoeKitten84 says:

Solus project? I know you didn’t like that one

Julianna LaJoie says:

Am I the only one kind of annoyed by the talking and subtitles not aligning? xD
Maybe I’m too easily annoyed but I hate it when I cannot read and hear stuff at like the same time and the text is always slightly delayed

Philosophical Nutcase says:

Other then a great playthrough, I totally agree on the vaccination subject. Be responsible people, fuck! I heard survival rates for children in the 1400’s were amazing! ( ಠ_ಠ)

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