Our First Mission To Space! – Astroneer 1.0 Full Release Gameplay E6

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Astroneer is set during the 25th century’s Intergalactic Age of Discovery, where Astroneers explore the frontiers of outer space, risking their lives in harsh environments to unearth rare discoveries and unlock the mysteries of the universe. Players can work together to build custom bases and vehicles and use terrain to create anything they can imagine. A player’s creativity and ingenuity are the key to thriving on exciting planetary adventures!

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Msthieu Marin says:

12 minutes ago

Sebastian Nielsen says:


Fabiola Lopez Zamora says:

YES !!!

TheGamingDevil / Gaming and Vlogs says:


Saad Chowdhury says:


Scott Rodriguez says:


Night Croc says:


King Kazuma One says:

Sl1pg8r is honestly the besst

Axel Valentin says:

@sl1pg8r if you go down with the teleporter you can go get an ore you mine wich you can research and get more than 1000 bites

Jesse Vargus says:

All hail lord zebra ball!

vRSnipers says:

U still play ark

Suzanne Millette says:

Here’s a trick since you don’t need tethers while your not on the planet. Have the oxygenator on the ship at all times. Then have tethers connect from the ship to the base.

Scott Rodriguez says:

more ark

Blo0per Sco0per says:


Ben Steveson says:

hey can you do slime rancher again there is tons of new updates.

Bryce Watters says:

161 veiwer

Dennis Campbell says:

Play Terraria

Dalton Eberhardt says:

Nice vid I like watching you play this game

BigKevSexyMan says:

I just got to my first planetary core in the game. It was insane. Probably the coolest experience in this entire game.
FYI – You need a drill mod in order to get to it.

Animeaniac says:

Why is it over the last few days when I come to any of your videos be it on my pc, xbox or smart tv youtube always breaks when I load a video of yours.

Dankecration says:

loved this episode! thanks for not leaving us hanging lol

Ranger0806 says:

@sl1pg8r if you dig down to the center of the planet ( the best way to accomplish this is to use the flatten tool at a downward angle pushing through brown area red pink (after this is the mushroom aread lots of poison spitting plants be careful) to.the green and then yellow (yellow and green you’ll need the first dig mod to get through) you’ll find a giant purple thing that messes with gravity it’s a spire that leads directly to the center follow it down to the center of the planet… when you reach the spire you’ll find large areas of a resource called “astronium” every complete bundle of this stuff is worth 1000bites and makes researching super fast.. I recommend doing what I myself have done and make a slope downward that you can slide on ( going to fast can be bad so be careful not to make it to steep but also dont forget to occasionally change the slope downward when you feel more straight then down) leaving a trail of tethers all the way down then work your way back up making the highway twice as large so you can drive straight down load up on astronium and then drive back up just be sure to leave yourself some flat areas along the way otherwise once you start down you cant stop very well without a way to hit flat areas and turn around to go back up… just wanted to help hope this does I love your videos and watch every single one!

Ps if you go to activate the center of the planet you need to bring quartz with you and you get a node for each piece you’ll need 2 one for your planet and one for the alien satellite so if you dont want to make two trips then bring a second quartz

lesandu vethmin says:

Hi sp4ceg8r how you doing
I hope everything is fine with your family

reznor69001 says:

sl1pg8tr save those seeds you can put them in the research chamber and get 100 bites each

Andre Ostermann says:

medium storage to the “nose” of the tracktor

Pint Hunters says:

sl1p, in order to get more research points you need to start growing those plants you find underground. you can take the seeds and plant them.
later you find those big research deals burried unter the plants. i got between 1000 and 2000 points per deal so far. i think you can find deals with even more points.
maybe depents on how long they had to grow/stay, whatever.

RavenHolmes04 says:

Sl8p, its perfectly normal for a man your age to have a dangling tractor. They have pills for that, its ok.

foxy the crap says:


Karan Plays says:

@slip, the zebra ball is a object used for testing purposes and has been accidentally left in the game

From the wiki: “According to developers, the objects were originally used for testing physics and light systems, but were accidentally left in the game.”

jvaeth2000 says:


Casey D says:

I had to stop watching your stream for the time being so I didn’t ruin this series.

aphonic gamer says:

Still loving the series. Since you like organization, here’s a tip. You can place platforms on walls and ceilings. 🙂

Julius says:

I have been watching you for years sinne the Days of Minecraft but I have never liked a series as much as this one

Dragon Slayer31 says:

Use the packer to make ur life easier if u don’t wanna keep remaking stuff and things

Paulo Ferreira says:

Yo Yo, if you use the inhibitor mode on your tool, when you do the add terrain you paint the ground grey. You can get a nice grey foundation that way 😉 😉

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