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Osiris Gameplay Let’s Play Walkthrough Playthrough
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Osiris New Dawn FAQ on Steam ► http://steamcommunity.com/app/402710/discussions/0/343787283750085018/
Osiris New Dawn on Steam ► http://store.steampowered.com/app/402710/
Osiris New Dawn on Website ► http://fenixfire.com/games/osiris-new-dawn/
Osiris New Dawn on Wiki ► http://osirisnewdawn.gamepedia.com/Osiris:_New_Dawn_Official_Wiki
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► Early Access Disclaimer ◄
At the time of this video, Osiris New Dawn is an Early Access game on Steam and as such not considered not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development

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► Jingle ◄
Sneaky Snitch Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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► About Osiris New Dawn ◄
The year is 2046 and mankind’s discovery of near-lightspeed “fold engine” propulsion has empowered mankind’s Osiris expeditionary missions to the Gliese 581 system. You are the second colonization team sent by the U.N.E. (United Nations of Earth) to study potential habitable planets when your spacecraft malfunctions braking from light speed, forcing an emergency landing on the planet’s surface.

Overcome the dangers of an environment with unpredictable weather conditions by building a central base, expanding the structure further with modular units to grow food, create research centers, manufacturing bays and more. To further advance technologies and thrive on the planet, traverse into a world filled equally with breathtaking landscapes and alien terrors that will freeze your blood. Osiris is a beautiful game that uniquely combines inventive crafting, curious exploration, and skillful combat. Explore an alien system and colonize worlds of incredible wonders and unforgiving dangers.

► Osiris New Dawn Features ◄
Multiplayer Colonization
Work together with online players to build a prospering colony and together defend against threatening alien species, survive environmental phenomenon including meteor showers, and attacks from other online player colonies.

Survive, Craft, Research and Thrive
Gather resources and materials to adapt to the alien system, build modular structures to grow food and create manufacturing bays, research new technologies to upgrade gear and build new vehicles and droids, and explore the environment to discover new resources and secrets to expand and thrive in this brave alien world.

Explore The Planet And Beyond
Learn what wonders and horrors lie on the alien planet and explore underground dungeons for unique potential discoveries. In time, build spacecraft to launch into space and travel to other planets in the solar system.

Prepare for a Fight
Choose first or third person controls as you hunt intelligent alien species with predatory instincts. Equip a variety of weapons to ensure you are prepared for any situation.

Light-Year Visual Difference
Experience the high graphic quality typically only found in AAA games. Osiris: New Dawn offers high attention to texture detail and High Dynamic Range lighting creating a frightening gorgeous world. An advanced IK (inverse kinematics) system powers over 200 amazing fluid player movements and a diverse range of terrifying alien creature animations.


Hunter Black says:

The way you said your name in the opening sounded like you said CancerCakes…. lol

Zach Da Sack says:

I think your character was orange in the end because of the dust storm. Such a neat mechanic

Songviet Dau says:

does this look like subnautica? or does it look like no man’s sky?

..its a question that will never get an answer…

jdj says:

great vid keep them coming also you can pick up the oars you mine whit left mouse button

Miha Nosan says:

Loveit…keep it up 😉

Blasius Andy says:

LOL….strange yea,…
Watching other’s OSIRIS gameplay is NOT as entertained as G4K did, LOL
you really a comedian, entertainer, damn! loved your gameplay!…
And ofc your Videos!! keep them comin’ G
Subbed for me.

Pietro Smusi says:

“Funny” “Funny Moments” “Video” nice tags 🙂

DK Dempcey Knight DK says:

German Kickz? Any who, thank you sincerely for English and I find you absolutely adorable!

Tizona Amanthia says:

i’m hoping this series doesn’t end on the fall on the wayside like creativerse, and that robot one, who’s name eludes me. I don’t like that they just…vanished from the upload queue. you were just getting rolling on them both, too!

Schwabokalypse says:

Charlie sounds like R2D2 🙂

donovan modlin says:

haven’t watched the vid yet im at 0:28 but your voice is just…..to smooth

Samuel Bertin says:

Hey Kickz, I’m new here, where are you from? Your accent is kinda fun!

BlackButterfly says:

You get more commands on Charlie if you use the multitool 😉

John Pleli says:

Nice work! I picked up the game.

Dylan Eyer says:

Game: 7 days to die, no i’m pretty sure it’s Osiris New Dawn.

Mi Fann says:

Found a new youtuber.

HUGSaLOT Valkyrie says:

5:30 those colors look green and orange to me.. must be youtube compressing out colors.

Level1Hera says:

This looks really interesting! I was disappointed when the alien bodies vanished too! So dissatisfying. I’m guessing a glitch.

kirby Perez says:

starship trooper alien..

TheZocker91 says:

can i comment in german too?I think its A realy nice game. Please more

German Bonivento says:

yes it has it. use the multi-toolto give him things in the invntory.

Ididsubmititalready says:

Alliance are pink.

Eric L says:

Aaaarrrrrgg I loOoove your accent you sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger!

leftenant_turk says:

This is what No Man’s Lie was supposed to be.

Just4 Pokemon says:

its dust, your not orange

Alvenikh Azaria says:

i almost thought it was jackscepticeye

Michael Bryan says:

it’s looks like fun. and will try it as soon as it’s come out.

Chester Fox says:

Enjoying it and hope you’ll continue when it’s released. I personally would prefer this game played in first person (maybe with a larger FOV if that’s in the options). Keep up the great videos!

orenjuice100 says:

your voice!!!
i’m waiting for you to say: “take me to the chopper!!!”

Flyby Wire says:

16:16 Strange you did not get the option for ther drone to patrol and harvest. Thats soo useful to set the drone collecting resources. Now if only you could call the drone from where you are to make it coming to your location and start harvesting, or at least send it to a beacon position.

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