NUCLEAR ARMED Space Warships (Dreadnought Gameplay)

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NUCLEAR ARMED Space Warships (Dreadnought Gameplay)

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Antony Olney says:

Is this for ps4 phly

Larry Osterman says:

I have a particularly very unique set of skills. Skills that make me a very dangerous commentator for people like yourself. Skills that I have acquired through patience and persistence. If you play my tank request that will be the end of it, but if you don’t I will be in your comment section until the request is met. So it’s time for loving the unloved Tank Daily! Take the 75mm M3 GMC into battle and get an Ace with this cannon half track and let the suffering begin! Attempt #24

Fallout Is My Life says:

Hey Phly, what PC do you use for War thunder, Dreadnought, Men of War, etc?

Niseini says:

from tier 3 and beyond, i love how the corvetes try to kill me while i am medic and end dying by my concentrated fire and tesla cannons

Little Heart says:

fractured space rip-off

phcasper says:

Corvettes are so broken in tier 3 and 4. I’ve seen them 1 salvo 2 destroyers and run while at the same time eating damage 3 times its health from 4 other ships. Completely retarded

Shyning says:

Only the Biasherman is not enough PHLY ! You know it !
The Emperor requires you to play the good ol’forgotten Japanese Sherman !
Attempt #39

faxeler says:

Play more of the game

furrywaffle says:

This feels more like an MMO RPG with class archetypes disguised as ships. The ships do not have damage models, so its basically health bar vs health bar. Really not my kind of game.


you’re finally playing this 😀

Nordis FlashMuffin says:

not teamwork, Fleetwork
that sounded better in my head

War thunder 《》 Ultra non-official channel says:

Now you see the real power of *RUSSIAN BIAS*

Evan Veres says:

Why does the nuke have such small explosion

mayaz mahmud says:

This games amazing

ビッグディックダチ says:

is this cod infinite warfare

thomas pierson says:

Plz do more of this and I don’t care if you win or loss I just like to see people playing with there friends

Alpha Mike Foxtrot says:

we really need a halo themed game thats just like this

Alex V4 says:

This game seemed dead when i played. I played against players whose names were odd and they sucked bad retetatively for about a month. They didnt speak in chat. Finally did research and concluded they are AI.

fizzy White says:

i missed homeworld…. pride of higara…. imma donwload this game a.s.a.p

mekal lakem says:

Capital ships are good and all but man corvettes in this game are amazing being able to zip and zoom around slow clunky ships is awesome

PhuzzyB says:

I don’t know what is more sad. That the 10 people still working on this game actually think paying a barely relevant, 4th rate channel like this will actually do them any good, or that Phly is getting so desperate as to take sponsored videos from quite literally, dying games.

Nathan B says:

Good games. I didn’t know you played this Phly. Yea Destroyers and Tac eat missiles well. The do not have any defense to them. Also press R to manually reload any active weapons in use.

SQDR68-1 says:

Phly plz make more video’s about this game, it’s awsome how u always do teamplay.

Roger Rabbit says:

Please keep doing videos on dreadnought. The developer really needs the help.

Jonathan Drobeck says:

bf 109 e

sarttee says:

i forgot i had this game

Forrest Boy says:

Play the Sd.kfz. 140/1 Next for loving the Unloved! this little tank needs it!

Attempt #10

weldonwin says:

Well, the ship Phly is using is built by Akula Vektor, a Russian shipyard, so obviously this game has Ze Russian Bias too

nightwolf1966 says:

major badassery dudes keep up the great vid Ive just found this game and its awesome

Stavrakas TV says:

I love dreadnaught but the game’s servers are empty

Bertalan Varga says:

Have you ever done a stream on this game? It would be pretty cool if you did.

AOG Wardog1229 says:

Attempt #41

D3C0D3R16 says:

It finnaly came out

Jason Sauls says:

Well I’m redownloading Dreadnought but this from steam. Last time I got it was from the developers site for the game. Hopefully it runs better this time

Orin Anthony says:

Time for the semi annual dreadnought promo that will not impact any content on any channel.

EldridgeTheGamer12th says:

This game is pretty fun, i wish i can play this i just dont have pc.

Shadowolf _831 says:

Play VR War Thunder any vehicle
Attempt #1

Generic Guy says:

So I fell for the ad and downloaded this game but i cant connect at all.

Modern Flight says:


Hunter Horn says:

I’d love a halo version of this game.

TheSturmovik says:

main menu is best part of the game

JOE ibari says:

WTF i just downloaded it 2 day ago

4T3hM4kr0n! says:

oh I thought this was the german spaceship from warthunder.

Jirapat Thaenphromrat says:

AYYYYY A free game that I *can’t* play cause my fucking pc _sucks_

TheFriction TM says:


Magic Man says:

If you’ve ever read the Illuminae Files, this s what I’d imagine the drednoughts in that series being like

Kraut says:

More dreadnought gameplay. Not enough good YouTubers putting up content like this.

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