No Man’s Sky – Space Pirate Attack Gameplay

The pirates want your loot! Check out this No Man’s Sky space pirate dogfight.

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LazarheaD says:

Looks great, but I still don’t like the inventory screen.

Ian Weiman says:

My ship was damaged in an attack by pirates and I still havent been able to repair the damage it did to the ships health. Does anyone know how to do that?

Pete McD67 says:

Why is there smoke and fire in outer space?

ConjuredInferno says:

This is the dumbest part of the game. If you are going warp speed, the “pirates” shouldn’t be able to get you. Or there should be something that you can do to enable and disable space battles. I love the game so far, but the only part of the game that I hate is when my storyline is interrupted in space, I get destroyed, then I have to go back to my grave. Especially if you are new to the game like me. Just minding your own business when all of the sudden, some asshole comes out of no where and destroys your ship. I find this quite irritating and annoying.

ZanFear says:

People not liking what they see? Well, guess not everyone is born with the soul-burning aspiration to explore space.

lord sheogorath says:

they pulled a watch dogs at e3 with this game (does not look as good, graphics wise)

TheBlackRanger says:

when it comes to combat Elite Dangerous is 10x better than this Candyland space game

András Takács says:

Just 2? Easy… try winning a 6 on 1 battle…

My Ex Demise says:

Is this 60fps?

Eric Nick says:

Dame another game that’s more interesting than The Witcher 3.


This game is so incredibly fun. Not for everyone but for the people this game is for its one of the best.

Kefka Palazzo says:

peoples say this is boring, yet keep buying cod every years XD hypocrites.

Justin McNeill says:

but that was just 2…..i went against 5…its hard as hell

Todd. Blumenthal says:

As the worlds greatest space pirate I will be the first one to find One Piece

sleviotlayor132 says:

this combat music is intense

Xtoronic says:

No man’s FOV

Samir Nadem says:

he should have died

KatalistProductions-Kozzy-Sasha says:

Game looks way better than I was expecting

Rafif Cahya says:

well then, I’m gonna board Mass Effect Andromeda hype train, let me leave my boring universe here..

Tareq Al Farah says:

why the hate the developers said and show us what’s this game about long time they didn’t change anything so why now this hate if its not your type of games simple don’t buy it no one is putting a gun in your head  the trend these day is to hate on anything

gtabro1337 says:

But there’s no burning in space?

bronze1n says:

That battle music is very Destiny ish

Sparrow says:

looks intresting i will wait for the patches to come than i will buy it because regardless of the developer big open worlds are always bugy(i mean minor bugs like a dwarf floating or roach :P)

Peanutty Geezer says:

Is it f2p??

Sasuke7T says:

I thought this game was another indie game from ps plus

rooney pharrel says:

fuck that, fifa battlefield and cod remaster are on their way lol i dont need a single player game that should be multiplayer in the first place. mass effect andromeda will be better than this any way lol

Tsukiyo says:

I love this game because I can explore planet endlessly at my own pace. Relax, enjoy the scene, the music, no douche bags. Until those pirates keep targeting my cargo and my ship blew up quite quickly. Since then, I make sure I travel in space with an empty cargo. Sell all the stuff I want to sell in Planet before I leave. I wish there is bank in this game.

I also found a paradise planet with Earth temperature, no acid rain, no radiation, friendly creatures only with some lakes and oceans. Slowly mining my way to my dream ship. Nice game to play after work. Certainly not for those who seek excitement I guess.

Alex Ander says:

has everyone been living under a rock for the past couple of years? They have said time & time again exacwhat this game is gonna be & what it’s not gonna be or have in it but here we are with people bitching & saying it was over hyped. They deliver exactly what they promised, Christ gamers are the fucking worst.

Mario luis Bonoan says:

is that a gummy ship from kingdom hearts

bam t says:

this game is going to be relaxing. No missions, no story. Endless hour’s of exploration

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