No Man’s Sky PC Gameplay – ATLAS PASS V1, Space Anomaly, & Finding a Ship (Part 2)

No Man’s Sky part 2, journey to gain the Atlas Pass v1, space anomaly, and searching for a ship!
Part 1:

i7 4930k
16gb ram

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Rex Ragnar says:


iDon'tLikeWasp says:

If you land on the landingpad near the outpost you can trade directly form your ship too

Daniel Athayde says:

This guy’s voice, the way he talks and his vocabulary are exactly like Chris Novak’s from Out There

Captain Leerox says:

I got to an Atlas thingy and it gave me a bunch of Atlas, Korvax, and other words and I got an Atlas stone, but I didn’t get the recipe for the Atlaspass :/

RedJackOfClubs says:

This game just makes me wish Spore 2 would come out

Ani Skywalker says:

wtf when did he get so many subscribers. i remember when he had 50k LMAO what happened

Peter Mitchell says:

Hey Dude, what is that bum fluff under your nose?

MrComputerGames111 says:

How do you activate free camera in your ship on PC?

theDuffChimp says:

Confused whether or not this guy is playing like a retard or is genuinely retarded.

Brandon Dean says:

Need more no mans sky

Greg Engle says:

dont destroy the plants or rocks all of the way and the sentinels will not attack


he fellow space cadets ,in de trailers we see dino.s with really lang necks. i can.t see that back in the video.s from the gamers. can.t this be generated????? thx from the netherlands 😉

Adam Stanley says:

you look like that retard from little stewart

Zanzubaa1 says:

I like how this guy even looks like a young Simon pegg. Fits into the space theme.

The Skilled Noob says:

Boy wish I could play this game but I apparently have to be from the future to do so.

Travis Bailey says:

Will you post you rig specs?

Dragon Lore says:

How did u tab back in after tabbing out? Whenever I tab out it won’t let me tab back in and then I have to relaunch the game…

Victor Chaves says:

It looks like a lot more “quest”y than Elite Dangerous, although it’s battle system looked like shit compared to E.D. If the interface was less childish, I’d buy this one… but E.D. is almost everything I could wish for and is still a little bit boring.

Ass Apple says:

lags, lags, lags…………

That Guy Magnum! says:

I have a feeling they got inspiration for Atlas from The Tect in Oblivion…

Daniel S says:

Were you compensated, in any form, for casting a positive light on this game?

FromDkWithLove says:

Cut back a little on that B-movie alpha-tango-cheesecake lingo. It’s not cute.

ant mayorga says:

( ͡͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °) The only driver is that Human exploration. Trust me its not everybodys cup of tea. Might add buildables, There is tradables. But the fact that it scales a game onto our physical plane, If all is said and done, every human on planet earth could own this game and not find every planet it boasts.

AQiB xD says:

this game is pussy

Jade Mills says:

At this point I feel this game was made for the Iphone. Its search and destroy mindless gathering game play is revealed in the first world you explore.

Snooze00 says:

This game is a tech demo and that is all, I wouldnt even call it a game.

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