No Man’s Sky Multiplayer Gameplay – Space Battle!! E6

NEW No Man’s Sky Multiplayer Gameplay! No Man’s Sky presents you with a galaxy to explore, filled with unique planets and lifeforms, and constant danger and action.


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crazedandazed 13 says:

Hey sl1p love the video if you guys are having cash issues talk to aliens and ask about directions some will give you ruins and you can get some items worth 150k plus units

The Real Jaye² says:

It’s all very simple, Sl1pg8r plays it. I buy it. hasn’t been wrong yet.

Autobots1970 says:

Get upgrades for your scanner so when you scan things you can get more units

Garrett Oursler says:

He should have bought the S scanner module so he could make tens of thousands of dollars from scanning flora and fauna!

Jadin Petry says:

Ships have a mining beam switch with G

henry stephens powers says:

no mans sky no my mans sky

Perry Padgett says:

Buy scanner modules to make tons of money scanning Flora and fauna

BugInJim says:

Road Rash

Freak Azoid says:

Meh, everyone knows The Space Anomaly is flat.

Wolfgang Weir says:

I got the rusty cage joke!

Chirpy ATfour says:


Xander Wild says:

theres a multitool on the left hand side of the module sellers stall. you see the shelf flip out when you get close. just look at it and it should have a hold e option on it

Purple little bunny says:

its road rash the motorcycle game

Erita SN says:


Nyngo says:

that additional room in the back of space station, there is an alien in there that if john bane talks to , he will ask for his multi tool and will give him a better one

Mark Powell says:

I need to add the suggestion to go to Space Stations and upgrade your exosuit slot spaces, each space station gives you one upgrade (you need to pay for and each upgrade gets more expensive) however if you find Drop Pods on planets and repair them you get a free exosuit upgrade. Even a few extra slots can come in handy early on. Love the series, keep up the fun exploration look forward to continued watching of this series.

TGrimace says:

Roadrage. The song is from Roadrage

volatile0701 says:

Road Rash, I believe, is the game you’re speaking of Sl1p.

DefaultDrop says:

How about……. SPOON MAN!

Fate says:

When you next get a chance, try purchasing the Scanner Module S, it will drastically increase the amount of money you receive from scanning Fauna/Flora by around 7000%. Also, the vendor that sells them does indeed have a Multitool for sell, the door that flips open beside him is a bit bugged and requires you to stand in a certain spot to inspect that Multitool. Great videos as always!

ViscorG says:

Don’t forget about the bonus you get if you install similar tech next to each other.

Steve K. says:

Love this video series Sl1p. J0hnBane, I suggest you farm the green eggs off stream and get mega bucks. Trick is to jump onto a non blasted single egg casing then blast the other eggs nearby and guardians will not attack you while on top of egg that you did not zap. Rinse, Repeat all over the same egg area.

Dorothy Franks says:

Deconstruct the advanced mining module you made and put it under your mining laser to connect them for a boast of power you won’t get I they aren’t together.

jonathan dunkleberger says:

Talk to every one and look at everything John can he didn’t click on the tool to the guys left

Jake Dolan says:

Sl1pg8r how is life?

ViscorG says:

That simulation terminal u found in the anomaly is for a later mission. Once the names Artemis and Apollo are spoken, you’ll know you’re in the right mission.

Ice247mathews says:

there is a weapon in each space station for purchase on the wall you do have to angle yourself at it though cause you know no man sky

Steve Jones says:

Slip don’t buy any more upgrades for the multi-tool . (talk to every person at the station all the peeps)

DeathTaters Taters says:

I’m gonna cry right now I love you man. I used to watch your Minecraft videos I remember the first time the doin stuff and things song I think it was s1e8 baretrap episode

Kevin Hunt says:

Oh I know the rusty cage. You doubt some of our age. Lol

PerplexedBarrel says:

These are a fun adventure! I dig it!

DisThingSux YT says:

I remember slipg8r Ark survival evolved episode 1 in 2015 man he basically hasn’t changed xD

Catman434 says:

I hope this never ends!!!

The Purple Krow says:

Soundgarden is one of the best

dark soles says:

They should make a new update for No Man’s Sky’s they should put space whale like they could just warp to different planet and their poop could be energy feels

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