No Man’s Sky Multiplayer Gameplay – Epic Space Travel! E2

NEW No Man’s Sky Multiplayer Gameplay! No Man’s Sky presents you with a galaxy to explore, filled with unique planets and lifeforms, and constant danger and action.


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esk2k5 says:

Ey sl1p, what’s happening with your bro mazion, no uploads for a month?

Tahnee Farrar says:

Star Trek 4 Voyage Home Reverence!!! CHECK!

Rygarr88 T says:

Lying developers will never succeed in the gaming industry. Too little too late. Shouldn’t of been lying cowards when you forced your game out way too soon. Dogshit company.

MK Lepkowski says:

In Ren go towards the big tree and start taming things over there

Jazmyne Kirby says:

Those squid/jellyfish thing looks like its a creepy jellyfish brainsucker from Alien

Pokémon Hunter says:

Play more ark plz

Bad Comment says:

that WOAH is getting annoying

William Bee says:

Found a “Biological Terror” on one of my world’s after I shot a whispering egg


Stream this!!

Thompson Cawley says:

Insta-like! Again SL1P and Bane put on a clinic of how to properly do collabs

Rock Zalt says:

Johnbane and yourself as a team are so clever, I bet in RL if you two were marooned on an uninhabited island, you two could figure out how to procreate!

Owen Wilson says:

Sl1pg8r did you know that you could edit your character

Stars Gaming says:

Hey Slip! I love your vids. I have a tip, in General Options change your Flight Controls to Locked. I find it makes for easier flying!

Steathly Panda108 says:

did anyone else get the thing that says 1 free steam game

Fire says:

Slip press escape, general options and go down to flight controls and change from tethered to lock , the flying isn’t that touchy.

Monster67890 Hunter12345 says:

Yay do more man amazing I love all your videos! Keep it up!!

Jefferson vlogs you spoon licker says:

I love you slipg8r I want to have a baby with you

Lewis Meylan says:

Love the first episode an I was taming in Ark at the time it realised so couldn’t watch straight away:( I love your videos Sl1p, I’m an OG from Sl1pNATION!

Meuw02 says:

we don’t have to eat and such in this game?

ViscorG says:

If you build a signal machine, you can use the navigation data you got to find structures and other things.

Durtturbine says:

Slip, Go into General Settings and change ship controls to locked

James Andrews says:

get the all of the gang to play

Prosper says:

This has multiplayer now? It’s only taken them 2 years to deliver that

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