No Man’s Sky Gameplay – SPACE COW! ( No Man’s Sky Let’s Play )

NEW No Man’s Sky Gameplay! No Man’s Sky presents you with a galaxy to explore, filled with unique planets and lifeforms, and constant danger and action.

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Intro/Outro Music by: Topmass
Title: For My Haters –


Greasyphil420 says:

Can anyone tell me, are the dogfight controls any better on ps4? I’m seriously considering buying one for this game.

Geordie Gamers says:

Witch episode is next sl1p???

Joe Shaffer says:

The animal regurgitated the crysonite(sp) after you fed it.

kitsune kappa says:

Lol wft space cows that’s awesome

The Juanertizer says:

i got that same stamina upgrade on my guy, its so nice, i can never seem to park my ship as close to stuff as i want xD

svupster says:

you cant sell items u dnt have hehe thats why it was dark when y traded the beak dude on spacestation

Dark blaze says:

u scaned the plant not the animal

Jadin Hepburn says:

are u a human

Dominic Zimmerli says:

Sl1p There 13 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 planets in this game^^

ZunnyZeBunny says:

three words… KEEP THIS SERIES

Perineum says:

I think you’re going to need a joystick to play a game that incorporate dog fights and flight into it’s mechanics.

Vince De says:

When you learn things then when you talk to an alien the gibberish will show the word so if you learn give you will see give instead of gibberish

Noble says:

B-b-but the controls are just like any other flight game. Also I think you missed a save point.

king savage 24 says:

i love this game

A Ginger Ewok says:

The ships are sooooooo Star Wars inspired!!!!!

hhwhitewolf009 says:

Game is dead stop showing it

Beth Purdy says:

sliptopia really slip you can do better love your videos

Jacob Side says:

Now that’s a sweet trading system

Jake Reyes says:

you shouldnt have changed your ship that early, now you skipped important tutorials thatll show you the basics of space travel

iStayDodgy420 says:

Slip, if your ever interested in better ships. You could always farm up a lot of gold or other pricy materials and stack up and then go sell them. Just a tip ☺️

XC4Gamer says:

Blended knee makes Sl1p think of Brian

king savage 24 says:

emril is worth a lot

MCX4ProductionStudio says:

Your No Man’s Sky videos make me face palm so frequently that it makes me not wanna watch.

Dizz L says:

“Give high, that’s all I can say” -Sl1pg8r, 2016

Jadin Hepburn says:

your welcome

KeiraR says:

pacman lol

Arnav Mummineni says:

There’s 18quadrilion planets aka a few quadrillion systems ( 3-5 x 1,000,000,000,000,000)

CJ Osborne says:

Sl1pg8r there’s an easy fix on the steam forum to get rid of the frame stutter

Glassic Gamer says:

Slip if you keep talking to the aliens on the space station you can learn new words every other conversation. Just bring carbon to interact each time.

pana unkown says:

“It’s not a moon, it’s a space station.” Star wars reference check.

Darrell G says:

If you know the language, then you can read what the “lifeforms” are telling you, so you’ll know what to do in response.

Ryan King says:

Oh my gosh that thing on his left 0.0 16:37

Vincente K says:

The pets might show you where resources are

Amelia Driscoll says:

Space Cow looks like a boss from shadow of the colossus XD

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