No Man’s Sky Gameplay | PLANETS, TRADING, RESOURCES… SPACE! Let’s Play Part 1 (PS4)

No Man’s Sky is the wildly hyped and popular prodecurally generated universe exploration game! In this game you awake at the outer rim of the galaxy and must make your way towards the center encountering brand new planets, galaxies, species, alien races, ships, bandits, battles, resources, and so much more. The game has a massive sandbox, and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it with my own No Man’s Sky Walkthrough / Let’s Play.

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►More information about No Man’s Sky:
Whether a distant mountain or a planet hanging low on the horizon, you can go there. You can fly seamlessly from the surface of a planet to another, and every star in the sky is a sun that you can visit.
Explore uncharted solar systems and catalog unique new forms of life. Every planet’s landscape is different from the next, and populated by species never before encountered.
Find ancient artifacts that could reveal the secrets behind the universe.
Every solar system, planet, ocean and cave is filled with danger, and you are vulnerable.
From dogfighting in space to firstperson combat on a planet’s surface, you will face foes ready to overwhelm you.

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No Man’s Sky Gameplay | PLANETS, TRADING, RESOURCES… SPACE! Let’s Play Part 1 (PS4)


Cleverjestr says:

yes yes and yes……cant wait to see more of this

Jonny Parker says:

If for no other reason just watch the this video so he can make a series. Can you see how much fruit enjoys it!?

Michael Mancarella says:

Great video! Love that there are no cuts. 😀

John Mandingo says:

wow second vid I watch of this game, starting on completely different planet but looks EXACTLY LIKE THE OTHER ONE. Temperature on this planet is really hot, on the other it was near freezing…STILL LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME. This game is totally hyped piece of crap…I have a feeling it will be a lot of the same and get boring fast. Just watch…

SU Anything says:

i love this game so much! 😀 minecraft…eat your heart out.

TaikoNautchos says:

Dude, less than 1 minute into the gameplay and we both have the same reaction: “Is that GLADoS ?

GlaciredHades says:

So hyped your doing this game man. I have been loving streaming it too. Keep up the great work man!

Ritvik Kanuparti says:

Fruit those drones stabilize ur temperature setting

Eric Donald says:

Just use your real voice man, stop targeting towards 12 year olds

Romeu Capela sa says:

on no mans sky i have just +-16hours playning and i released i cant upgrade my jetpack because they are inpossible slots around then to put my upgrade.Are some way i can move items like the jetpack???
(sorry my english)

MrPibbelz Ftw says:


faumuinabound says:

It is sorta like terra tech

Kuro Kitsune says:

‘beware of tentacles…what the fudge was that’…..i loled your to funny Mr Fruit

Jacob Michael says:

I wanted to see him scan one of those robots, what the hell are those, i gotta get this game as soon as I say my goodbyes to family, friends and bathroom breaks, this looks like a major and awesome time suck, lol.

Joe Dolden says:

it’s funny how he didn’t know that the reson he was dying was because it was 70 degrees on the planet .the ground was charded

Koen Delsemme says:

my name is here at 52 :45

Joel Kreider says:

Thank you for keeping things family friendly. It is immeasurably appreciated. I think this is the only WT I’ve seen that hasn’t been spewing filth at every surprise, and you’ve given a more thorough view the UI features and storyline than most. Nice job.

CasualByDefault says:

Me screaming that he has a jet pack and can probably make most of those jumps…

Universal French Fries says:

Dear Christ man get back to your ship! Hey look I’m dying…lets go look at this instead of healing my self cause that’s the smart thing to do

The Legendary Blade says:

This is a really cool concept and game and all, but it’s just all over the place . . .

Bleu says:

welcome to mr fruit plays space minecraft

franknbeens says:

i really enjoyed this. you make high quality videos. subbed.

Shiba Inu says:


ZFI Gaming says:

Redeem the ship

TheDashingCruz says:

Honest opinions boys, is this game worth getting?

More JamesTHH says:


TheBelgianWaffle says:

Do you mean episode instead of playthrough?

Brandon Robinson says:

Dang fruit. This video was cringy. I can understand you’re enjoying the game, but you gotta remember that you’re recording this for other people and not just yourself. You get sidetracked too easily and sometimes over frivolous things. Also, you were so caught up with unnecessary things that you missed the fact that like every rock had iron. sorry man 🙁

AIMBOT bob says:


MrPibbelz Ftw says:

So is this a space survival?

Denush Mathywarnan says:

What is ur font

Robert Ichim says:

You should try and upload in 4k (I know its hard)

Shadow Dragon55 says:

only me who see the simularitys between this and destiny?

Megan Lyon says:

i was getting so mad a fruit for passing all of that iron and not payingn attention lol

BearCubster says:

Why do people with their irritating sounding voices feel the need to TRY to be witty or funny or worse… BOTH!!!
Can’t they just comment out the game sanely or sensibly?!?
If you’re genuinely funny, fair play to you, but otherwise just stick to the fucking game!!!

Kyle Cossio says:

Emeril is extremely important and rare

Router Tv says:

I seriously thought this game was the biggest flop of 2016… Turns out i end up playing it for 30 mins… well that 30 mins turned into 6 hours.. haha! XD

Sure its not multiplayer… but damn, you can kind of still get lost in the game.. I have faith that this game will continue to come around with new patches and the new Mod community. I Sean’s 20 man team was rushed by Sony to get the game out. I bet it was painful for Sean to actually OK the release date with so many known problems with the game. The game def needed another 6 months to a years worth of development.. Still this game has potential to be amazing’er

ATtaK says:

What exactly does he say at the beginning of every video?… lol

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