No Man’s Sky Gameplay – Planet & Space Exploration – Water Planet & Space Station – No Man’s Sky PS4

No Man’s Sky Gameplay Walkthrough. Welcome back to No Man’s Sky! On today’s Episode of No Man’s Sky I do some space exploration and we visit our first space station, do some basic trading and then go to a mostly water toxic planet that has some interesting creatures…. and secrets. I hope you enjoyed this episode of No Man’s Sky, thanks for watching and liking.

No Man’s Sky Gameplay Walkthrough Playlist:

No Man’s Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy.

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Intro: Pure Gold 1 – Niklas Ahlström
Outro: JAWN – Duck of Doom


Cortez Fernander says:

the mining lazer looks like the plasma pistol from halo 1 and 2

Ismael Tejeda says:

your solar system is The solar system, it is so important that only refer to it as The.
me like it 🙂

Mikee Remastered says:

Got the steam version and honestly? I think this game was legit made for me specifically. 😛
I have only stuck it on 3 times and steam says I have played for 21 hours lol. So I have averaged 7 hour sessions. I legit put it on around 8pm and I am forcing myself to tun it off at 3 or 4 in the morning. This, uncharted 4 & Abzu are my favourite games of the year so far.

Temmie says:

You fricking draetard

Bluemage6 says:

Why are the cows so butt hurt? Maybe because you didn’t analyse it.

Alan Nguyen says:

Scan more animals! U skipped like half on this planet

MrJake892 says:

weren’t you able to make the bypass chips in your ship cargo section?

Dorian Hendricks says:

is this game coming out for Xbox one? and when?

jordan Scott says:

I want to see the holocaust in no mans sky

jesus miguel says:

Minor dislexia? Is that a joke or is that true?

Hannes Dendoncker says:

12:00 You said “Island” again, didn’t you? 😛

Mark _ says:

acid rain

-PaNtH3Rs101 - says:

did he hyperdrive yet because he didnt in this vid i want to see him travel star systems

Tortee2 says:

I watched a full 3 minute ad about Elvis and then watched the intro…wat

Reakhapp | Games and More says:

That last creature he found’s gender was radical?

SpinoSkulls :O says:

Your toxicicity stalbilized in the ruin , because the rain was toxic.

M Raja El Farizy says:

Analze some Stuff pls

James Gaines says:

Elvis Presley + Donkaayy= that monster.

Aske Jm says:


Dorian Hendricks says:

is this game coming out for Xbox one? and when?

Julien Weems says:

Check out the alien at 4:33

Dumb Gaming says:

so good though!

LenardPerojaPlays says:

asnaciu necautel looks like a dog mixed with a garrife and a dinosours (i don’t know my spelling of dinosours is

Dustin Berger says:

rodina did this first and got no recognition, no mans sky stole it and got tons of hype.

Budz42 says:

7:30 I guess you can say he paid the… Iron price.

Emiliyan Yankov says:

lul u make this terrible game look bearable and kinda interesting xD gj Dr. Drae 🙂

da bob-omb101 says:

The scale of this game is impressive. The station’s enrtance looks small when you approach it but then once you’re inside, it seems huge

Doc Sinclair says:

sounds a littel like “Retardius”. No offence man, couldn’t resist. Oh and btw: you do know that the Big Bertha (or “dicke Bertha”) is the name for a German ultra-heavy howitzer used in WWI… Also: anyone else reminded of “ELITE” in the C=64? Oh wait, most of you guys weren’t even born back then. Never mind. And what was that? The will of “Kirk”? Any trekies around ; )

Ron TaylorAccosi says:

a kid in a candy store? pretty sure kids know what to do there..

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