No Man’s Sky Gameplay PC – Space Travel – Part 3 Let’s Play No Man’s Sky

Let’s Play No Man’s Sky on the PC! Been kinda skeptical about this one but I figured I’d give it a go for the time being since it appears to be trying to do something new! Let’s check out No Man’s Sky’s Gameplay!

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Almus Quotch says:

This planet looks exactly the same as the first one.

Brandon says:

they need to add more quest and maybe more like villages or cities you can go to and meet people, to in the end offer you more things to do. I know they are adding building soon, but I feel like building should of been in this game from the jump. overall the game seems decent, I haven’t played it myself. I just don’t think for $60 it’s giving what you expect. just needs some more things, and before you say they’re going to add all these things in a update, I say they should have lowered the price to $30 if there’s still a lot of things to be added. if they put out these building updates and different things you can do in a DLC that cost money I’ll probably kill my self lol. it just doesn’t feel like a finished game, feels like early access

ThatFake FamousGuy says:

think of the sentinels as like park rangers, if you take heaps of stuff they’ll get pissed with you but if you just like chill they”ll chill

Nodakear Nodje says:

Scan animals and plants and then upload them to the ingame wikipedia or sumthing… you get a shitload of money for that….

Chris Kane says:

“Plutonium, we found it” – proceeds to walk away leaving behind a number of deposits. Wew lads.

Kyle Lynch says:

This is really fun to watch

Zach McGonegal says:

you also have a system kind of like GTA in the upper right corner, the more you destroy the more hostile those robots become. there are three types from what I have seen, those floating robots, a dog type with four legs and a big walker type with two legs. they protect the planets they are on so the more you mine and kill in their presence the more they come after you. you can either fight or run like you did a couple times and after a bit they deactivate

jax lutton says:

I cant wait for splatt to see warp space

Necromancer Bernard says:

Mipakk, youpakk, we all pakk for Tupac.

rampager89 says:

Quote of the day:
“Forget that, rob this b*tch.”

Cowcopter says:

What you binos actually scan and rename things…

alex moss says:

Splatt there are 14 Quintilian different systems to explore

Zach McGonegal says:

and the most expensive ships I have seen so far were about 1-2 million credits.

Joltren says:

No wonder it takes a long time to enter the atmosphere. You’re not engaging boost by pressing and holding the space bar.

House Of Nordin says:

Booty butt cheeks? Nice!!

The Bushido says:

Rename the planets Splat

Gorgeous Ginger says:

Ok I do just want to point out that ‘No Man’s Sky’ was hyped so hard and frankly I am seeing a not very well made stylised light hearted version of Elite Dangerous. I am not a huge massive fanboy of Elite but the mechanics and things to do etc just makes this a bad rip of Elite. Is it just me?

GorillaWarfare Gaming says:

you should do a no man’s sky giveaway

Kenji says:

its really stupid that these asteroids are everywhere like overkill

dabtechful says:

YOU SELL THE BEADS! how hard is that to understand.. v.v;;;

pupinator98 says:

confirming my theory that youtubes have the sight of a mole

MadameCasper says:

I wish they would announce something on the xbox one release. last I saw its still “some time in the future”

KhaosElement says:

This game is…so boring…

Just my opinion and all, and I know that, but chirst there just isn’t anything to do. The moment you set foot on a planet, you’ve LITERALLY done everything there is to do. There’s nothing interesting to see, a few tiny little outposts, but after several hours and several more planets, there NEVER anything that makes me think “Holy shit! I need to keep exploring!”

Dustin Littletree says:

fascination beads and other things you can gather that have a green back ground are basically good for trade

nateyj11 says:

Kind of wish this had a story like Star Control II to go with the gameplay. Not even a similar plot, but the same sort of broad scope that encouraged exploration while keeping you to some sort of purpose, to make all the collecting and upgrading more rewarding.

Brad Simpson says:

These survival games are starting to get a little ridiculous. I mean, it’s great that there are so many developers so into world-building, but it used to be that was only the beginning of a game. After a developer built a world, they’d write a story to fit into that world. These games seem to have jumped off the game-design train early. Some of them are cool to look at(although I don’t really care for the art style here), and some of them introduce new and clever elements, but at the end of the day, they all really feel the same to me. And the sci-fi draw doesn’t really work for me here, like it did in Subnautica.

I hope this series does really well for you, Splats. It was a super-hyped game(even I heard a ton about it, and I’m not a PC gamer at all), and I hope it lives up to the expectations. But it’s not doing anything for me. I gave it three episodes, to see what it was all about, and it just feels like a less-interesting version of Subnautica to me. Good luck to you, but I’m out of this one.

Zach Rosin says:

Splat your missing easy units, those binos are an analyzer, analyze the plants and animals you see and upload them for credits, that is also how you name plants and animals

Jayson Frankrone says:

Do you plan on trying out Starbound? The released 1.0 is pretty great. I’d happily watch a playthrough!

Cowcopter says:

You could of sold the butt beads on the galactic trade network, you just didn’t see it

lov3masterns says:

I think that basically those Beads are just a selling items so you can sell them whenever you meet a shop. 🙂
Btw, Splatter, whenever you attack something on their planet, those little sentry bots will attack you, because they are investigating whenever something changes on their planet inside their sensor readings. Or if you simply attack them. If you want to evade them and scavenge for minerals and stuff, you should do it when they aren’t around. 🙂

bitbucketcynic says:

The Sentinels are like an overzealous galactic-scale EPA. If you damage anything in their presence, they will object. Violently. With lasers.

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