No Man’s Sky Gameplay PC – Space Honks – Part 4 Let’s Play No Man’s Sky

Let’s Play No Man’s Sky on the PC! Been kinda skeptical about this one but I figured I’d give it a go for the time being since it appears to be trying to do something new! Let’s check out No Man’s Sky’s Gameplay!

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Keith Fancher says:

the place where you used the bypass chip is used to call your starship. your ship was already there thats why nothing happened.

Anon Viewer says:

Hey, looks like you got the first step in the Warp Cell production chain.

Viking Force says:

those drop pods are called ahelter dont forget splat

stephano7890 says:

Splattercat you are my favorite YouTube channel and keep up the great work. 😀

lance halderman says:

justc ant wait till nerf starts making multi tools

Allurade says:

19:49 SplatterCat wishes Rebel Galaxy’s soundtrack was in No Man’s Sky

Daniel Glenn says:

It kills me every time I see him drop a trade commodity and doesn’t sell it when he has the chance. Such a waste

InfectedGecko says:

can u sell ur shit instead of destroying it? it rly makes my eyes bleed

Brandon Truman says:

QUIT DISCARDING SHIT, SELL IT. If it has a green background it’s a trade commodity, read it

Anon Viewer says:


wolf says:

It’s quite entertaining my dude. Keep up! Love your channel.

Damien Greene says:

Cool beans

Zach McGonegal says:

I love watching you play this game

Cir Circle says:

5th yeah!

idiamiz415 says:

Lmao, funny people actually avoid one DMV to go to the one he hates lol

Nate Ricciardi says:

Sell all

GorillaWarfare Gaming says:

can you do a no man’s sky giveaway

Happy Bear says:

Am I the only one who is utterly confused at the fact that Splatt has never used the joke “without further adoo doo

Johannes S. Nielsen says:

Remember to scan stuff with your visor. It will give you some credits.
And you can use the bypass chip to call your ship. Try and read the prompts the game gives you 🙂

The Necro in Nice Clothes says:

I must say, you must have an impressive gaming rig for you to have this high and consistent framerate; I have a gaming laptop I just recently upgraded the RAM of, and the framerate isn’t this good and always slows to a crawl after roughly an hour of play.

M Fahriza says:

Try 100% a planet

Alyssa Rain says:

I’ve heard that the endgame goal is to reach the center of the universe

Goldmustash Rickybobby says:

Dude you should play spore

Lapin Fluffy says:

If Splat had sell all the stuff he drop he could have buy 2 new ship by now! lol

Erreul says:

Needs some StarCraft music, is what you were looking for, haha.

David S says:

Mining Simulator 2016 lol

Santino A says:


AlcoholAndLAG says:

The mods do stack up! did my own testing.

Simon Jude says:

Splat, little advice; melee attack then jetpack (trust me)!

Chloe Berg says:

Three planets in, and I proclaim that this game bores the ass off me.

Danny Beam says:

I myself am thoroughly enjoying this let play. please keep this going.

Maximus says:

Yeah Splatter your opinion on the game is how everyone should feel going into this game i dont know what people were expecting to hate this game its soooo good

lant istos says:

you should do longer vids for this game. since this game is long and 30 mins is not much gameplay. just farming most of the time

Jacob David C. Cunningham says:

26:18 “Have you noticed the shields are still up?!” – Obi Wan

Jacob David C. Cunningham says:

I don’t get why you said “poo” then immediately afte rsaid “shit” haha

Mette T says:

splat please sell your items instead of throwing them out all the time..

also if you ever find a kind of weird plant like/stone like thing that says “unknown” and you open it and there is a pearl. collect them! and then sell them! they sell for 27.000 units each and i earned like 2.000.000 units from just going back and forth from the planet i found them on and to the space station to sell them. they were everywhere! but mostly underground. be warned though if you pick up a pearl from these “unknown” things.. you will get super sentinels after you. so i found a place with like 5+ of these “unknown” things and i opened them up and then ran between them to collect them and then i ran/jetpacked away from the sentinels and blew a hole in the ground which i hid in and then they would give op 🙂 hope my guidence help anyone who might come across these “unknown” things 🙂

GregoryVios says:

hey m8, when you see gold or emiril , mine it, it worth lot of money!!!

emachine310 says:

how long until the Samus mod comes out?

CodockDraconin says:

You should probably stop tossing out those expensive trade goods and sell them instead so you can get a bigger ship…

Jacob David C. Cunningham says:

You can switch to third person right? or not?

Aaron Fronsee says:

always enjoyable to watch people explore this game.

Neko Lamperouge says:

I love it when i watch something and the second i relod the page there is a new video c:

Joe Smith says:

i love this series on a cellular level….. seriously… I’m watching on my phone… please never stop this series!

Blazing Cyclone says:

This is very entertaining mr splattercat. Your witty jokes and comedic topics combined with the elements of this game are just perfect.

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