No Man’s Sky Gameplay (PC) – 013 – Back Into Space

Thankfully, the planet we’re stranded on has the resources we need to power our ship. Despite a notable drop in morale and motivation to continue this journey through space, we press on, discovering yet more of what lies ahead.

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Zongi says:

Have you tried Elite:Dangerous?

Nemo's Channel says:

I personally like this game and have more interest in watching these videos than metroid or planetside… That said, if the game is sapping your motivation, it’s time to move on. Seeing you explore new things is always fun, but at a certain point this game does get very repetitive. And I have a feeling you don’t have the time/interest to mess with the inventory stuff which is essentially the gameplay loop in this.

Cam Lynch says:

X, I would say there is a delicate balance between making enjoyable content and having fun yourself, and that is hard to find. Personally I enjoy almost anything you find interesting. So you just do you, be X.

Cereal says:

if you dont want to play it then im fine with that and id rather you would play something you enjoy than something you dont

soren81 says:

I actually enjoy watching this, but I would enjoy it more, if you enjoyed it more. So I guess, play whatever you feel like, and I will watch it 🙂

Delicroix's Genuine Gaming says:

Play that which pleases you, man. As with most commentaries, they mean to the viewer what they mean to you; I find them relaxing to watch because you seem relaxed while playing. I also quite like your energetic series where your choices and play seems more impactful.

x zero777 x says:

David how about you try The Long Dark, or Stranded Deep?

abeismain says:

did you watch AngryJoe’s Review on this? :)))

Dave D says:

I like watching this a lot! I realize that the game has issues, but you seem to have overcome many of them. I am really enjoying watching, but I understand if you can’t manage to keep your heart in it. thanks for your videos!

Atomic Ninja says:

Well you have pretty much experienced all the game has to offer already (you did that in the first couple of hours).

Eltera says:

Are you gonna play Dishonored 2 when it’s released? 🙂

Joshua Chap says:

As long as your having fun with this game I’ll keep watching.

calland36 says:

I’ve heard such negativity towards the game, but honestly I have really enjoyed watching you play it. I would really enjoy you continuing to play the game and just do what you want and have fun. Watching you explore the planets and get excited about new species and learning new information about Atlas is great to watch.

akaczism says:

I’m intrigued by the potential of the game and I love the exploration aspect, but I don’t want you to play anything you aren’t enjoying X. Do what makes your heart happy.

TowerSavant says:

Is it true discoveries reset after two weeks?

Ever tried Elite Dangerous or other space games?

Dinco422 says:

You still play this shit man ? cmon… don’t you have a better game to do so ? I mean seriously you are really wasting your time with no purpose whatsoever #sad

Madarpok says:

I think you should definitely continue this series, at least for a while. There are still quite a few things you are yet to discover and do, new resources, a couple new mechanics, things pertaining the three major races and the Atlas, some things that happen when you get enough reputation with one of them. I would say this game has about 8-10 more episodes in it.

BlakOrkk says:

I enjoy your more chill series and this definetly counts as one, I would enjoy more of this.

Felewin says:

I’ll enjoy this game as much as you do. Keep it up as you feel like it.

Direblade11 says:

Just stream it.

Tom Smith says:

I like this series a lot but it shouldn’t be my decision that you should play it if you don’t want to.

mrkorb says:

I just read that Steam is offering refunds no matter how long you’ve played this. Details are on this game’s subreddit. It’s pretty amazing how this game has fallen from being one of the most anticipated of the year, to the point even that journalists who reported on it’s delay of a month were getting death threats from a fervent fanbase, to being a poster child for how not to market a game. I kind of regret buying it, but only because of the price I paid for it, since it really hasn’t lived up to the $60, but I don’t completely regret owning it. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, there will be some kind of a free content patch down the road that fixes the issues that annoy me and have lessened your enthusiasm.

Laogeodritt says:

My enjoyment of this series, at this point after seeing basics like the resources and technology system once, is just to see the landscapes and environments on the different planets. A bit like how I started out with Minecraft, seeing landscapes and formations on the surface. From what I’ve heard of No Man’s Sky, that’s probably going to get dull quickly, though.

If you actually had decent controls, combat could be pretty interesting for a couple battles. Not much more without wider lore and purpose…

SlabHardcheese says:

I made a comment in episode 11 I think that your next steps would be to farm inventory slot upgrades for both exosuit and ships, and how to go about it. Try that if you want something else to do.

RyzenVyzen says:

This series was exciting at first but now I can feel it falling off

Seb says:

I really love this series, plz don’t stop, I personally only watch this series and minecraft when you did it

ömer ildemir Demir says:

Hey X, did you know STEAM is now accepting REFUNDS even after 12 hours of gameplay FOR THIS GAME?
[EDIT: now sony and amazon too]

TheNinth says:

Hot tip: you can back out of any conversation by right clicking and come back to it later when you have the things you need

xSiIencio says:

keep it up x

Pixel Gemini says:

I agree that this game isn’t great for making more than a couple videos. People may like playing it (which is fine if that’s what you’re into), but it gets pretty boring to watch.

TheMinecraftMonkey says:

At first it was like watching you play minecraft, you were so into it. This game has a lot in common with that game. What is it missing for you that minecraft had? Maybe you can come back to it after a few patches that will add new features. Either way, I hope you keep playing!

ifearless1 says:

should try out planet coaster.

Zgriptor says:

Well, X, since you asked, here’s my opinion. I’ve been watching your videos for 5 maybe 6 years now, since “X’s Adventures in Minecraft”. 9 times out of 10 I don’t even care what game you’re playing since I enjoy your approach/personality you add to the game. You’re literally the only “let’s player” that I watch. Take for example your recent EVE videos. I’m not drawn at all to try/play the game yet I’ve watched your 1h30 min videos of it. Although there are some series that I enjoy more than others (Mirror’s Edge, Magicka 2, the couple of Rust or Pixel Dungeon vids) I for one am content with any stuff that you upload.

My suggestion would be this (if you’d like to stick to a schedule or something): choose a couple of games you know you’re interested in and make a poll for us, the viewers then play the highest voted game.

Iown291 says:

If you don’t wanna play no mans sky might I recomend a second round of “POWDER”?

EffingTank says:

explore more! look around! don’t move on until you’ve found everything!

Fireorigins says:

I’m liking the series more than I’m actually enjoying the game as I play it(if that makes sense) but overall I’m liking the state of the channel right now! I love the AM2R play through, and the F2P Planetside 2 series is making me wish I had a rig that could run the damn thing. Thanks for uploading and don’t overwork yourself X, 🙂

irt3hsaint says:

I am very much enjoying this series. I dont have a ps4 or a rig that can play it, so i play it vicariously through you, much like I did with minecraft 🙂

Maybe turn this series into a podcast-ish series, with this as a background and you can stop to point out cool things (like tuppers :D)

TheZorcs says:

I enjoy it, but if you don’t enjoy the game i won’t be sad if you leave it behind.

Antony Bellingham says:

I was so excited for this game but resisted day 1 purchase. So glad I did. It has no purpose. It is just a survival game and at the end… nothing. Watched hour upon hour of videos showing gameplay. Where is the point of… anything? This game I will buy when its on sale but full price… nah. It’s not finished.

Daan says:

I really enjoy watching this series but other series were even more fun to watch. If you don’t feel like it’s fun to play anymore then I’d rather watch you playing other games that you do enjoy playing. The thief series for example was awesome to watch because you were ‘in’ the game, sneaking, picking locks, sharing the good vibes. Also Planetside 2 is clearly a game that you care more about than No mans sky and it makes a big difference in the awesome vibes.

Blazingwindfairy Knight says:

Honestly, I only got interested in the game because of your videos. It reminds me of skyrim and oblivion, grinding on quests and exploring the game but there isn’t much excitement for videos aside from the beginning. Nevertheless, I would still watch if you continue to upload.

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