No Man’s Sky Gameplay (PC) – 004 – A Pulse Jump Through Space

We have a starship. Let’s see where it can take us.

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TheJAYGames says:

I’m going to comment and like every single video of this series X

kouriichi says:

I actually like Roll on my Q and E keys. Ive played other space controls, and the level of control i have feels much better with Q-E for the respective left and right rolls.

Teabottom Rexasaurus says:

I find it mildly hilarious that you were getting Thamium by smashing your ship into asteroids. Using your ship as some kind of thamium cheese grater?

Smile foreveryone says:

more EVE Online less of this horrible game.

Xixaooolittleshark says:

Another amazing episode X! I finally got to play the cracked version on my brother’s PC because mine is just crap for this game.

Yes, I do always download the crack version before buying the original game to see if it runs properly or if I need to wait for a better PC.

X, you should always keep an eye on the walls of the building you enter, they usually have some kind of upgrade, new technology or trading machine.

ifearless1 says:

I do like the music in the game

waitcrapwhat says:


Fionna Fox says:

hey X you can transfer items from suit to ship while not in the ship, just go in to inventory and press X!

Haruya says:

this game looks fun, not $60 worth, not enough content, but if it was at $30 (and didn’t have those graphical issues for some people), I’d have no complaints because it looks like something really neat and unique. although how poorly they made the controls and interface… it’s like they’ve never played a pc game

Coldfear22 says:

I love this game so far. I always knew I would ever since the first teaser. yes the game isn’t probably worth $60 out of the gate but they are going to keep working on it and updating it for years to come and we get it all for free. kind of like comparing the first ever release of mine craft, to what it has become. that’s how I see NMS and why the Price tag is fine for me.

Pawlys Bartys says:

Couple of tips: game saves when you exit your ship, not when you board it. That’s why you had to repeat those “rare” and “warning” word teachings. Also, ship tries to land exactly under the terrain you’re currently on. Landpads can be hit easier if you try to land and the base itself, I think.

Cyntistic says:

loving this so much

Felewin says:

You don’t have to run to melee forward when doing the jetpack trick, just by the way.

mrkorb says:

There are more things than just aliens inside buildings. Next time look around a little more before you leave.

Xixaooolittleshark says:

X, getting the ship doesn’t glitch anything, the “glitch” you’re referring to is what happened when a bunch of people got the free ship, immediately left their system, bought a new ship without realizing the new ship didn’t have a hyperdrive, and then got stranded in a system that doesn’t have a hyperdrive blueprint. Just dont do that and you’ll be fine. You might be thinking I’m mistaken and they’re two different things but trust me, I do extensive research on this game. If you claim the ship you can still get the hyperdrive blueprint. Just dont buy another ship until you’re sure the new ship has a hyperdrive module.

You dont have to like this comment but I’d appreciate it if you did so that X can read this.

Kirumy says:

YAY! Please keep doing this series until you’re properly bored of it! 🙂

Also, dks3 soon™? Will it be on youtube?

DeadAtrocity says:

You can blame Sony for the $60 price tag. If it was just PC only like a lot of these types of games are then it would probably have been way cheaper.

Marovex93 says:

Keep em’ coming, dooder

ParablyStuff says:

This is so awesome. I had no clue this game existed.. I guess i live under a rock. I just hope it keeps being fun for you, X 🙂
My only regret is i havent found this after you’ve pumped out tens of episodes, so i could binge watch it all…

Gonzalo Silva says:

Ok Im getting sick of X talking about the spaceship controls. For the record I cant stand how reavers control.

RegularPhil says:

You have the perfect commentary for this kind of games. You know exactly when to stop talking and let music do it’s thing. Can’t wait for another episode 🙂

Zemas says:

love these videos but… still waiting for Eve ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

powerwowow says:

Anyone else watching on mobile think the top compass was a hair on their screen and spend 30 seconds trying to wipe it off?

N.M. says:

I just realised we might literally get a Planet X :p

dragonfyn says:

It’s super hard to scan flying creatures, because they’re moving so fast. I had to shoot one down just to get the scan.

Coldfear22 says:

if you don’t like the flying controls(I don’t either) for kb+m, using a controller for flight is 1000% better. it just feels right. Plus on controller you can free look with the right stick, while on kb+m you can’t free look at all. they need to work that for sure.

Guardianofangles says:

You always make me feel so relaxed, plz never stop making these types of video’s. its like the new minecraft video feeling all over again

Aaron Carraway says:

Hey X i happen to notice this in the video. In the options menu I noticed there’s an option to change your flight controls. Sorry if it seems like backseat gaming. But you where complaining about the fight controls being backwards. Hope this helps.

TheFlyingslug says:

I think the flight controls are designed with the intention that you wouldn’t need to ever need to use anything but the mouse and the forward-thrust button to get from point A to point B, while having the roll controls on the keyboard so they’d only be used for combat situations where you have to do more precise evasive maneuvers and move quickly. Just a hunch. I haven’t played this game for myself.

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