No Man’s Sky Gameplay First Impressions | Ironbreaker in Space | Press Kit Unboxing

No Man’s Sky PS4 Gameplay

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This title is currently available on PS4 and PC.

“No Man’s Sky Gameplay First Impressions | Ironbreaker in Space”

Video made possible Playstation Portugal:

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Liam Boyd says:


lesquidd says:

If you jetpack up and against a hill you dont lose fuel

True Kili says:

There is a twitch channel called poke your eyes out games and ed looks a lot like you. 🙂

Chris Kociolek says:

the almanac in back to the future?! please don’t insult that movie

D4rkLocus says:

i only have the last 2 hours of the video 🙁 is there something wrong with the video or is there some sort of youtube restriction?

Catnium says:

wow its a point and click game…..

#Agrarlord says:

You changed since warcraft… drinking coffee and clearing some instances. Did you delete the Videos?

Filipe Gonçalves says:

Men tas a jogar jogo like a boss!!!!! Hes playing the game like it shoud be played!!!!!

mais um genérico sim tem acento says:

do you know portuguese

LordOfBulls says:

Could have callled the T-rex bird the Dicchkicken, but I am sure we will find another animal worthy of that name. 😛

Amr Rahmy says:

When selling, center-left, exosuit inventory and ship inventory(when you are landed or parked correctly)

BBMMTR says:

That FOV makes me feel sick

sparcerX says:

First…also hey khan long time no see. brofist. How you liking NMS so far considering there is no multiplayer yet? Is $60 justified for this game since i already own Elite dangerous?

FinalZeet says:

All that inventory management will drive me crazy….

Vexi11uM says:

during the analyzing process – height and weight is switched

SunlightDivisor says:

Seems like a very chill and relaxing game.

SuperKami Guru says:

Rui when you go to sell things, you can only sell what’s in your exo suit. You can transfer stuff from your ship to your suit as well.

Darth Necrosis says:

fuck man keep playing this game.

Hector Navarro says:

why is it that eveytime I watch the prerecorded stream it starts the video 30mins to 1hr into the stream?

Shu witzA says:

its the only game i regret sending money on. its so shit…cant even start to ..

Daly Bomb says:

Yo, Ruri. Just want to say I love your way of playing this game. Taking your time exploring just the one planet and getting as much out of it as you can, you show exactly how the games ment to be played. Hands down the best No Mans Sky stream I’ve watched yet. Hoping to see much more.

Ahren Starr says:

Lelu Dallas Atlas Pass!

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