Nimbatus – Creating An Epic Space Drone! – Exploring The Galaxy – Nimbatus Gameplay Part 1

Welcome to Nimbatus! Nimbatus is a procedurally generated action simulation game. Craft freely customizable drones and explore an endless universe. Drones interact with the destructible environment in a physically correct manner. On your journey you will find hundreds of different drone components and research groundbreaking new technology. In this episode we build our first drone and complete our first planet. I hope you enjoy this episode of Nimbatus, thank you for watching and liking.

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DragoNate says:

This game is cool! Who else remembers Cosmoteer? I thought of that almost immediately.
BTW… _this game is totally a direct copy of Cosmoteer…_

ColdUniform2999 says:

do a live stream on this!!!!

Nicolas Papanestis says:

The new gun shoots straight!

Oni Playz says:

Add a switch that can activate shields so you dont have to hold it

Artur Jõgi says:

Oh my God drae why are you such a dummie

게로타마 says:

he should really take some time to notice what’s different about the weapons or at least do a bit of research.. its not hard to figure out the guns have different features if you could just look left at the description.. jeez

xX_greatespirit_Xx says:

I just watched latland doing several atomated drones copleating every mission

Mr Suti and his budy not harry potter Larry otter says:

How do I get the game

Kealo says:

The new rocket thing doesn’t follow your mouse

pronotfound says:

more plz.

Siti Husna says:

Moar plz

Derrick Biedermann says:

My guess is the decouplers are for making carrier builds with drones as fighters.

Eli Stidham says:

The thruster are not symacwll

Power Play Productions says:

Kinda reminds me of cosmoteer

Gina Morales says:


Shane Leong says:

Wowowowwo drae ,Ur gonna rule the world *sigh.please buy me a ship

Onennon Gaming says:

The guns have upgrades on the side, Draegast. They’re right there. They only appear when you place the weapon.

Dylan blanco says:

I played it a couple days ago. How interesting

MissileManiac2142 says:

This reminds me of the old Void Hunters on the FunOrb website with the way the ship looks and is built.

phuctri nguyen says:

The gun that you get ,each will have different ability. you can see in the last part, the new gun shot straight instead of chasing your mouse like others.

HZD_ TLGA says:

If you want to just press R you have to use a switch

Xplosion says:

Plz keep playing this game. It’s really cool!

nathan p says:


That Dude65 says:

drea please play barotrauma with your friends its like we need to go deeper but more realistic and scary

phuctri nguyen says:

You can build bigger.You need to connect the part with other part.You can see that when you choose a part,it link with the drone mind so instead,you have to click on an another part to link with it.

Huntsman212 says:

Play more in baths please

lefront says:

always use shields

xchi buax says:

IS ON Q2 2018 on my steam D:

Tommy Baltas says:


xchi buax says:

why i cant dowload D:

hayden games says:

Your game fo fre

GamingMint Gam says:


The Legend27 says:

Just see it in 9GAG

Scarecrow child says:

for the shield use Caps Lock, it stays on as long as caps lock is on

M4TGAMES says:

More more MORE

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