New Zombie Survival in Dead Space (Skyhill Like) | Hazardous Space Gameplay Part 1?

Let’s Play Hazardous Space Gameplay

A zombie survival in Space, what’s not to like?!

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Hazardous Space is a Roguelike 2d turn-based action game with RPG elements, where there is no room for friendly NPCs or safe locations. Using tactics, survival instincts, and your character’s skills, battle your way through hordes of zombies, mutants, and infected


Elmir Macić says:

Do more falcon


And the last part is FALLOUT shelter

LV427 says:

No Android version of this?

Sadie Gray says:

Would love to see more

ChiaroscuroxX says:

You ever play into the breach?

RexFexPex HD says:

Mr Falcon Play the NEW rimworld game Keplerth

The guy that's always watching you says:

Is this half life but in space? O.o

GrowUpFroZa says:


Marvin Steyaert says:

YOU will grow fast IF YOU!!! PLAY Fortnite.

Alin Tudosa says:

Cool game!
Hoping for more

Tuka Akut says:

Man ya’ll know this sh*t. Great vod btw

Mitsuru Ishitani says:

Get a blueprint from a corpse with a fire ax on it. Makes sense

MrStatistx says:

Why does that title remind me of something else?? Talking about font and colors

Third 3 King says:


Omar Hegazy says:

When I watch falcon’s videos I find the main entertaining part of them would come from falcon’s humor syncing up with the appropriate moment in the game. That’s neat also btw falcon I know you are a bird and all but that is no excuse for you to miss pronounce *”AUTONOMOUS”* into *”AUTOMONOUS”* unless you are using it for a joke in which case it can be approved XD

Dumb Reply: says:

Hello random person who keeps scrolling down

alejandronut1996betacode says:

It would be nice a lets plays I like the game a lot and it’s very good come falcon please!

Aspd 123 says:



Zoom in and our topical map manageable twoD

EliteGamerBg says:

Dear Falcon

I beg you, please, make more episodes.

Mr Roger says:

Do more

Noah Grimm says:

keep playing it falcon do more thanks love ya

Amri Steve says:

Hey boizzz

mrtop hat says:

Why so many axes on space station ?

hbt hbt says:

skyhill was great! finish this space skyhill!

DreamWolfxx says:

what a lovely space action game, plz more =)

Dzanan Kurtovic says:

please do more of this game

neeraj suhunan says:

like skyhill, im hooked

Rares96 says:

Doo moar man i love skyhill so love this game


This game have so many reference of Half-Life and dead space and something else Tho…….!!

HeathenSWolf says:

Yeah, play it some more please. I enjoyed your Skyhill playthrough back in the days a ton

Danny Ho says:

yes, please continue this 🙂 love your video

Dimas says:

Do more Delivery from the Pain please Lol

danielkjm says:

More plz

Mr. Skeletor says:

*You Found Nothing* …but there’s an axe is that dead body, *YOU FOUND NOTHING* …Okay okay, sheesh.

morfeas333 says:

when it releases make a full playthrough! I loved your Skyhill series

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