NEW TRAILER + FIRST CAMPAIGN & SPACE GAMEPLAY – Star Wars Battlefront II (Trailer Breakdown)

Breakdown of the brand new singleplayer behind the scenes trailer for Star Wars Battlefront II showing of a first glimpse of gameplay, new planets and concept art as well as a snippet of space battles gameplay!
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Outro animation by David Allan


kfc kyle says:


pilkers2 says:

Mabye dat thermal grenade could be a lightsbaer

Just kiddin

Neak - says:

The planet looks like the one from the first clone wars episode with yoda

Josh Finkel says:

3:49 It’s operation Syndicate

Dr awesome12222 says:

I hope the campaign is 8-12 hours on normal and 12+ on the hardest difficulty and not really short

Bubblerap 360 says:

maybe is dagobah

Egg Rogue says:

for me, because of that 3 day head start you get from pre ordering or whatever I’m gonna finish the campaign in those 3 days and then play multiplayer after. Mostly to avoid spoilers but obviously also because there will be more noobs to kill 3 days after launch and any experience of the game is experience of the game

Wilborn Blakey says:

Why didn’t make this into a movie instead of the force awakens? It would be more interesting to me.

bego bogo says:

Eh, space battles are the most important Imo. It’s what made the older game’s

El pesao says:

Can’t believe people are excited about this game,when the first one was such a disappointment!!

JediMaster Eth says:

Everyone gets the story of endor wrong, endor’s not on fire because the Death Star debris crashes down on it, causing it to burn. It’s on fire because when they burnt Vader at the funeral they didn’t have any firemen making sure it was safe, and the fire became out of control of screen and spread planet wide.

HunterActual says:

Man people really want Coruscant

The Order Of The Games says:

if your exited for the camapaign ( or the whole game 😉 give this comment a like

random stuff says:

6:01 this may be Luke first look at his new Island?

mikelbenegas2000 says:

It Could be utapau or May be geonosis

CyrusHQ says:

Was the triangle ability a smoke grenade ?

Patrik says:


neon kid21 says:

I bet I can trick you!

Read more

SoJA WaBu says:

6:20 I think I have seen this planet already at the end of a podracer mission in the Xbox 360 game “Kinect Star Wars “.

CR12 says:

I think operation cinder involved destroying a lot more than just Naboo. We will probably see some other planets.

Ollys Good Brick says:

nah the concept art of endor looked more like the destroyed shield generator dish

Figure Fanatic says:

oh is corrosant confirmed for the game?

Josh Finkel says:

operation syndicate


Well a Coruscant Speeder was found in the leaked alpha files so…

Coruscant confirmed Elliot

You rude says:

4:44 Laughing taunt confirmed??

OnlyASwedishChef says:

I wish Jar Jar Binks makes it to the game.

AB#buummin#84buisness #facebooklive#idgaf says:

idk why but I remember destroying corvettes with the scariff dlc on battle front

gmofftarkin says:

my biggest concern is that this campaign might be way too short…

Star Guy says:

It looks so cool!

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