NEW SPACE SURVIVAL GAME, BASE BUILDING – Planet Nomads Early Access Gameplay #1

NEW SPACE SURVIVAL GAME, BASE BUILDING – Planet Nomads Early Access Gameplay #1

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Archer Grange says:

When ever i hear Alan walkers force song it brings tears to my eyes.. i have been on your channel for more then 2 or more years now and i have watched every video of yours from when i joined till now… keep up the good work Royal! <3

Reginald Villarreal says:

see more

David Stedile says:

its wierd how slow the laser retract…

Thehutchey says:

What you should be asking is are these the same developers who made StarForge and Empytion – Galactic Survival. Thats what this game is really similar to. Which I hate to break this to you people those game are all still in Early Access exeat for StarForge which can no longer be found on steam!!!! Both these games including Planet Nomad are and are going to be in early access with little to no development and will eventually die do to lack of popularity or by the greatest and worst of all the Developers sneak away once again with my and your money just like (No Mans Sky) or should I say (No Mans Lie). Please go watch a youtube video on these two games I just brought up and compare this gameplay from this video those of there games or gameplay you may be surprised on how they look alike.

KawaiiBoy says:

in a newly release game what is fps? xD pretty much everything in early access.

Colin Selfslaghs says:

No this was bad

brandon kahalekai says:

I would like to see more of this game thanks Royal

tyrese harris says:

more videos plz

darkshadow 23 says:

if you like this game then you will love Space Engineers so please check it out and if you already have then please tell so I can give up. great vid by the way love it.

dtfxsolutions says:

More please

TheHaggardNerd says:

I’m so stoked to see what the devs end up doing with this game

Devon Howe says:

yeah i want to see more

The Noice says:

PartiallyRoyal aka RETARD

Independence says:

I love no mans sky. You should do a series on it again

Ryan Taylorson says:

not as good as ark

Gregory Fields says:


Eneroe says:

This game looks awesome, play more!


Looks pretty good. Seems like it could lead to some very interesting and fun videos…

Coolkid 6610 says:

it is 2 by 1 not 2 by 2 Your Royalness

El Triste Coco says:

Anybody know the Req for this game?

Martin Franz Beluso says:

Trypophobia Feels

Michael Stewart says:

Still waiting on hellion

Milamber Puc says:

Do more please i’m interested in the building

Stephen Schalizki says:


Pewdiepie Methepie says:

I want to see more

Coolkid 6610 says:

and I would like to see more of this content on this channel

Brandon Needham says:

I like it…We want more!

Aaron guy says:

thanks for the clickbait thumbnail

McMurray Gaming says:

It is like 7 Days to Die and subnautica combined

Hunter Watts says:

all I’m asking is to not cuss as much please or I’m unsubscribing

Mirza Şahinkaya says:

another early access money trap looks like

Topstormking says:

Oh look, Another space game…. Ok… Mediocre at best.

Samot0423 says:

Btw it’s silicon not silicone, different things.

the hatred 94 says:

11:20 more like a lot of us just fucking watched the trailers and the alphas demo and remember how to fucking do it? or some even just would have guessed it on the go or watched the fucking tutorial

jonathan salter says:

more and I liked

Brady Foss says:

I’d want to see more of this game it is great

Desmond Errington says:

This looks good. More please

Name Jeff says:

more plz

Isaac Zwicker says:

Awesome video

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