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Jay Othee says:


Discipleof JesusChrist says:

The blood of Jesus. Demons have infiltrated video games. Leviathan is a strongman demon, in Jesus Name the truth must be told!

Ghost TV says:

TD keep up the good work i love your fortnite videos

Sports Highlightz says:

The grenade launcher sound is so satisfying

Nathaniel R. says:

I love your fortnite vids an I’m a huge pats fan. It would be so cool if we could play together…


dabbing master says:

Space freshman

Sam 23 says:

a 3 vid day?!?!?!?! TD on that GRIND bro KEEP IT UP

Happy Unicorns says:

How many wins do u have XD

Wubby 71 says:

God Bless Everyone


Wonderful Gameplay! See my videos for other Cool fortnite content and perhaps maybe we can do a follow for follow!

Wiener Qwerty says:

TD I really respect you for choosing to be and help with your mom you’re a really good guy thank you for your videos helping me get over things and I hope your mom gets well and better

Nathan Frost says:


Hero NBA says:

Its sad that you arent in 2hype house

Owen Ernst says:

Yo can u stream more I really wanna see more of your gameplay

J says:

The megamind fish skin finally came out

nathaniel figueroa says:

Your to good qtd

Gruyters10 says:

please do fortnite uploads every day i love it! also what settings do u use

Primal Plays says:

My man uploading 3 vids one day get it TD

Dev Mehta says:

Best Fortnite player in 2hype

Bill Lang says:

I got that skin

The Golden Goat The 3rd says:

Is that supposed to be that one fish in Megamind

Blaine mattingly says:

TD uploaded 3 vids in one day therefore you should have enough money to buy me this❤️

Ba13y 13oxers says:

Why didnt you land at tilted

Eriks Zuments-Steele says:

More Madi

C H U C K H Y P E says:

Mega mind skin

Carter Matthews says:

Does anyone else think it would be lit to use the new glider irl

Caasi Beats says:

When he took the grenade launcher over the rpg I cringed so damn hard

Cooper F says:

This bitch picked up a granade launcher for a rocket launcher

Elesha Morant says:

This Fishman skin looks like the assistant from Megamind

Caleb Newman says:

loved this video but dont forget about madden

Landen Johnson says:

Call a hand cannon a kitchen gun


Remember chicken little.

Theodore Strawn says:

1 try to win

Hunguy15 Jr says:

I just started fortnite and want the battle pass and skins if anyone wants to help me let me know I have no wins

Bombardians says:

You should switch to builder pro controls it is undoubtedly the best control set

Mile Man says:

Awesome vidddddd

Brady Nelson says:

TD your my favorite YouTuber keep it up

nathaniel figueroa says:


dj52321 says:

The skin reminds me of mega man

Rj Villalba says:

Do fortnite every day

AddisonSherburne09 says:

Boom TD dropped another banger

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