NEW Space Battle Gameplay – Star Wars Battlefront 2

Some Space Battle gameplay from the new star wars battlefront

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Wesley Wu says:

I remember battlefront 2 on the psp, those were the good days

Tristan Louis says:

Ticket meet innovation implementation fun young.

TAC Genesis says:

I still like the original Battlefront 2, IT NEEDS REMASTERED!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

Slabs 12345679 says:

New system is kinda like an easier version of war thunder.
If anyone knows or plays that game…

Anonymous says:


Strauce says:

Wtf is with games nowadays? It’s like they’re putting training wheels on everything. I liked it before when games used to be harder and you had to figure things out. But I guess companies need to appeal to the 12-year-olds.

levi A says:

I like all the content you post here and your live twitch stuff too! Keep up the gaming!

Jaime Echartea says:

You will get better..

TuberDayz says:

omg this game is beutifull

guilgemish says:

I played the hell outta Battlefront 2 for a year or two, then the server went down. Was very fun!

Hey whats up guys Scarce here! says:

Roger Roger!

phoenix701 says:

Rust is life. Rust is love. Can’t be ditching rust for Star Wars.

Guthixwolf says:

I love this game

Christian Ortiz says:

What I wish it had that tutorial like Battlefront has in beginning how to use the fighter planes the air bikes things like that so you can practice on driving the vehicles but that’s just me love this game though

LoggerC4 says:

Star Wars: battlefront, then battlefront 2, then battlefront, then battlefront 2 again, the fuck

Jack Smith says:

Don’t get starwars battlefront it sucks so much its like a rail shooter small maps only 20 on 20 and it limits where you can go with borders that will kill you if you walk past them when will battlefield get rid of that shit EA can lick my nuts evil fucks

Grandsaga says:

That falcon fail killed me

Khaos Inoculation says:

Kill hungry lowers players challenging the players who are actually aiming for objectives. Don’t egg yourself for doing something.. I don’t even really play team based games anymore. Too many roaches scattered all over the place.

Notorious kaede says:

feel bad for u when you donated someone 600 bucks on air and to get shitted on LOL

Stoned Dog says:

Maybe they should make it so that objective score is what levels up your character where as general score is just affects your general level or the other way around. Either way it would majorly incentivize objective play.

Darth Hatchet says:

Did that Star Destroyer come out of hyperspace right into a Blockade Runner 13:03?

weedtiger says:

1:46 Haha you said doodoo

VintagePlayz says:

do they have Clone wars ERA Space battle?

bfool m says:

No teamwork on a battlefront game!? Never heard of that…

SperminHermin says:

what’s the release date for this game ?

Spatchula spatchula says:

Speed is KEY!

PoGo CSGO says:

Please please do a rust raid cam!!! And make it a big base with a massive fight 🙂 thanks I love the videos btw

Aqertis says:

Hey Verts, been watching your content for a year now. I just wanted to say I’ve enjoyed your work whether it be Rust or a different game, and I love how you, unlike other YouTubers, care about what content they put out and if it makes them happy or not (whether it be enjoyment/up to standards). Keep up the great work, my dude!

Cory Thackston says:

If you need to catch up on objectives taking a bomber is probably smarter than taking an interceptor.

Wesley Wu says:

wow they actually did something correctly

LordLuke says:


About Me says:

I swatched Guaco and saw you and Tgirl there. I dont play Rust never did but like watching it, I know Im perv.

Whippet cooper says:

Can you play first person in the space battle next time

Austin Llanos says:

Anyone know a good rust server

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