NEW! Free to Play Game You Must Try – Spacelords PS4 Pro Gameplay

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I highly recommend you guys give this game a go even if is only once. I definitely dont see it as a game for everyone but you should at least give it a chance. For a free to play game it is quite good and enjoyable. Has some pretty bad ass combat as well as some very comedic/interesting characters.


bhausaheb nagare says:


Watching U FrMBhindU says:

Barely anyone plays Raiders of the broken Planet, So they change the name and nothing else and hopefully that brings people.

Mauricio Campetella says:

Dude, you really sucks playing this game hehehhe.
Great video tho

Gaming Bros2 says:

does it use wifi

Nigward says:

Aka the game with the thiccest female characters.

Servus Ferox says:

looks so fucking boring lmao

x4n4 GamMicS says:

This Game looks awesome. I came here to see what exactly this Game is, i just saw that Stefanie Joosten will be as a Character in this Game and since i saw this Game is F2P i think ineed to give it a try.

BTW. It really reminds me of Warframe, one of my most played Games since some time.

Kostas Rms says:

If you wanted to saw us how death is your best friend, you succeed it…

greg cooke gregy says:

Looks like an epileptics nightmare

Rabia Wasseen says:

Matchmaking is terrible , I’d love to keep playing but only if the terrible gets sorted out.

Its Sidius says:

do you watch my hero academia the cartoon???

Potato Chip says:

anyone know if this is cross play?

maxi os says:

Free in pc


“Destroy the red tips of the beholders tenticals”

*Shoots the immune area multiple times*

Cullen Rossow says:

This guy is SO bad lol

baldwin go says:

Warframes brother

Anish Kasichhwa says:

fools play the game

Spacelords says:

Amazing video! Thanks for sharing it on behalf the MercurySteam team! <3

CptEddyPrice says:

GearsofSpaceWars – Pay2Win edition 😀

Envi Nvix says:

Might as well play Warframe …

Sallyfuckingjones says:

ik it’s a new game but holy crap you’re so bad. just in your decision making bro. you’re one of those potatoes I like to call the panic dummies, and 80% of the online community are panic dummies. This is criticism not hating. Try and relax when you’re being attacked, not to brag but I’m pretty much top tier in all games.

Lightingzz says:

No saving this wreck

currie Mucher says:

We need more of this’s

Tron 6300 says:

People not realizing this is a game trying to pull off what Warframe and Gears of War have already done and no I’m not a Xbox player my cousin had an Xbox 360 before he left and we played Gears of War

SulaInc says:

I don’t know what’s going on but you didn’t make it look in any way impressive, sorry.

Golde Mike says:

Boi you are playing like ma grandma and she has no idea what she is doing

the Xbox theif says:

I like how the guys in the beginning talks to you

Frosty The King FTW says:

Is this game dead or does everyone play with friends?

lRedl says:

i hate when level 1’s choose harec for hard freakin missions. waste the teams lives…

Jaad Araidy says:

Trash game

Flavio Machado says:

Cara o gráfico do jogo e da hora os personagens mt loco bem da hora mas o jogo é zica heim nao to passando da primeira fasse tem como por em um nível mais facil kkk

Xyluss Nelms says:

The voice acting/script and facial animations made me cringe

starwarsfanboy101 says:

Reminds me of mass effect 3s multiplayer

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