MY NEW ADDICTION – Free To Play Space Shooter (Fractured Space Gameplay)

MY NEW ADDICTION – Free To Play Space Shooter (Fractured Space Gameplay)

Download Fractured Space for FREE –

So I have this second channel where I upload games that I play in my free time, it’s pretty dope (bias) Check it out! –

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Axel Bengtsson says:

If it has a PLAY-button in the middle top corner you know it’s f2p and that Phly’s gonna play it.

The Budgie Admiral says:

Hey Phlydaily! I have been playing this game for one or two years now. I absolutely love it, and I was so happy to see that you gave it love.
Why did you stop making videos on it? I would be happy to see some more, for example a video on the Reaper or the Brawler.

Andromeda says:

Should be called Fractured Bugs, it’s a pile of crap and dead already.

TropicalTitan says:

My computer just exploded

onecheezymofo91 says:

it looks good

Diyoker 67 says:

What are the minimum requirements for this great game ??

claysyoast says:

look world of warships in space 2 times now

onecheezymofo91 says:

getting it now hope i can battle u phly:)

Марк Миримский says:

Without paying in warthunder it is too hard to upgrade Americans

Alcino Acosta says:

looks interesting

Konichi Wawa says:

How does this compare to eve? I have a latent eve account with a lot of ships and resources but I really was already burnt out and when I lost my “flagship” due to a rules change that allowed for “duels” in high security space. I assumed the duel ended when you started taking structural damage. Someone had challenged me and I was blowing the piss out of his ship and he docked to refit for my missile types. I was probably close enough to dock or begin the process soon but I started freaking out when someone warned me what was going on. I quickly pumped up defenses and launched drones fighters and turned to warp out but he locked me down. If I hadn’t of panicked I could have switched missile types and started tearing him apart but alas…

Captain Draco says:

You do upgrade your loadout, improving your stats, so there is leveling to a degree.

Zach Ogdahl says:

dude. yes. fractured space is super fun

Astragoth00 says:

Beta or Early Acces?

Paul Cotton says:

Love this game and Drednought

Jolly Jankins says:

Who else watched while downloading the game.

azagedon says:

If smite and eve online had a baby would it be this?

Sanja Stosic says:


Syafa Isan says:


Hiromi usui says:

Is this pc game?

NR 808 says:

Is it controller friendly???

bad4ever2010 says:

They should make an MMO game with this concept. More skill based than EVE Online.

Sirnash11000 says:

wgo gives a fuck why you like mobas. explain the damn game already

حسام محمد says:

nice video mate you made me like this game

James Nelson says:

Dreadnought is another good F2P space combat/shooter game. It is in closed beta so, you have to sign-up and wait for a beta key. Beta keys usually arrive pretty fast.

Phil H says:

Hey Phil
One of the Best Game ever played ( and it’s NOT a Pay To Win !!! )

All Ships are Well balanced , and the 1 st ship you unlocke , are just easier to perform with ( and not weaker ) , You can match any ships of the game.

I bought a pack to support this Game !

Simon Sebastian says:

I downloaded the game but can’t launch,why?

Nagato says:


Laughing Lama says:

More!!!!! I really wont mind if he plays like Dota 2 or LOL, Smite is also fun.

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