Master Space Gameplay and Commentary

This is the greatest star of All Time


Homeostasis says:

‘Toitus’ almost made me spit out my tea oh my god

maximusprime98 says:

I’m not entirely sure I’m sold on the new direction no man sky is going in.

Spook Rooster says:

damn, i just looked this up and they want 14 dollars for this. it’s got mostly negative reviews, too. apparently, it’s yet another rushed cash grab that devs abandoned once the early access scammed enough of money out of people.

don’t you love that that’s been happening so much lately?

ᏢsᎽᏟhᎪ says:

Download link?

Exxion says:

It’s like StarForge except somehow even worse

ilmu011 says:

it saved the game. but it couldnt save the pig. pure gold.

Faust says:

the fact that his voice is almost emotionless makes it even funnier

Renowner D. says:

You know, as unpolished as the game looks, i think it shows some decent promise. Fully destructable, and the entire universe seems rendered. you can exit any planet and sail around the limited solar system.

Wayne Wrestler says:


The one Who knocks says:

This game’s idea had potential

Ramon M Mendez says:

I could not stop laughing at your comments, even as I am writing this I am still plagued with laughter.

Mindfood says:

bitchn game review’

Tanner says:

where do you find these gems?

Jack Lyons says:

“exit without saving”

AleksandrSpiritwolf says:

“So we can do the Coitus.. […] or the… Toitus if you will.”

_Ori Yos_ says:

No man’s sky beta right here

Runic Blood says:

3:32 is what wall-E would look like with down syndrome.

Leanna Golden says:

hello, daddy

GoalArtz - Member of BlendAir says:

I lost it at “Brace for good parking. Good parking success”

Buu Han says:

No man’s sky look awesome

ballsack69 says:

This game looks fun actually

Roger Lee says:

1:32 Evidence that turtles can also do headstands

Michael Roberts says:

It saved the game….but it couldn’t save the pig.

MindTrap says:

masterspace is the best place to masturbate.

RollersPostulate says:

No Man’s Sky alpha 1.01

Laura Icahn says:

I think Black & White is a good game for you to play, yo.

Mikoto Misaka says:

Turtle take no orders

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