Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay: Scott Ryder is a Space Jerk (Let’s Play Mass Effect Andromeda)

Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay: Scott Ryder of Mass Effect Andromeda isn’t just humanity’s best hope in a new galaxy. As you’ll find in this gameplay from the first hour of Mass Effect Andromeda, he’s also a part-time space jerk. Beware early story spoilers and subscribe for more Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay on Outside Xbox:

Mass Effect Andromeda does away with the original Mass Effect trilogy’s “renegade” (ruthless) and “paragon” (saintly) dialogue options, replacing them with a more nuanced, less judgy system of “casual”, “professional”, “emotional” and “logical” options in conversation with other characters.

That said, “casual” is your best bet if you’re role-playing Pathfinder Scott or Sara Ryder as an entertainingly flippant pathfinding jerk.

In the Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay above, taken from the PC version of the game supplied by Mass Effect Andromeda publisher EA, Mike and Andy zip through the first hour of the game, arriving in the exotic Andromeda galaxy after a 600-year cryosleep and landing on the unexpectedly hostile planet dubbed Habitat 7.

In this Let’s Play, Scott Ryder wakes from his cryonap to say hello to his pathfinding squadmates Cora Harper and Liam Costa, his father Alec Ryder, Asari doctor Lexi T’Perro and SAM, the AI implanted in Scott’s head.

Mass Effect Andromeda comes out on release date 21 March 2017 (North America) and 23 March 2017 (Europe) on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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White Fang says:

Kirk and Greer, isn’t this a trek reference?

Albukhshi says:

I don’t get it eitger: Ryder can fix his visor in one scene, but in the next has to have his helmet replaced? Did you cut anything out, or is that really the full scene?

Samaritan _978 says:

Oh my God… IT’S A NEW MASS EFFECT! Didn’t think I’d live to see the day.

mad636man says:

“Can you spit in my mouth?”

GalloViking says:

So you’re still force to be a human? A bit disappointing ._.

kenneth Vargas says:

for fallout 4 i didnt find the need to customize the default characters since they looked fine. I HAVE TO CUSTOMIZE THE RYDERS, they need a touch up. That or enable always keep the helmet on option that i hated in older mass effects, but i find is necessary in this one.

Jessica Breeden says:

“We tried being nice” – Every British officer in the 19th century.

TheMasterpiecePD says:

Can you customize Scott Ryder’s looks?

Undizz says:

So I’m guessing Jane isn’t here because she is sick? and probably will be for the next week or two, depending on wheter or not she wants to see all the different endings…. of her illness.

LeInkdrop says:

Can’t wait for the comparison countdown of butt plates that can’t muster up to Andromeda’s tech.

Robert Emberson says:

Literally 2 minutes until the obligatory Command and Conquer reference. New record?

The Great Zombini Gaming says:

Let me get this straight Jane gets actual astronaut training and you guys play mass effect andromeda without her? I guess we know who’s gonna be the guinea pigs for her next evil plans huh?

Coremensch says:

I’m sitting here, having paused the video after a few seconds, and am seriously contemplating whether or not I want to watch this or go into the game completely unspoiled. Which is hard because usually I immediately watch anything you people put out!

Prompto Argentum says:

cease your prattling! I want to hear the game not 2 brit guys

Areoan 71 says:

“First contact with my bullets.” Maybe Mike and Andy weren’t our best choice in a Path Finder. Then again I think they beat the turians record for fastest start to a war.

Ivory Samoan says:

Fucking awesome – but yes, you better run for the hills you 2….Jane will kill you for leaving her out XD

Kai Lockhart says:

You guys are arse holes lol poor Sarah and you’re making fun of poor Scott 😛

Jonathan Hasiholan says:

Ryder is kinda boring. He doesn’t have the “We’ll bang, Ok?” charm.
I feel like he is such a crybaby. And another daddy issue cliche again.

Jack Rand says:

*picks apart tiny details about a massive game to complain about, even without knowing everything* OHMYGOD this game is CLEARLY terrible.

Adam Mitulinski says:

‘Flourishes are never unnecessary’…That’s the tagline of Darth ’emerges-from-dry-ice-cape-billowing-with-no-wind’ Vader XD

Mister Torgue High-Five Flexington says:


Fools4Film says:

Best advertisement for this game so far! Rider looks like he might be fun. I was always a jerk Shepherd

White Fang says:

Omg the idiots don’t have fully braced seats for the event of emergency landings. Bahaha

Some Guy says:

10:54 Well, if FTL taught me anything, ionization means systems are down. So pretty bad for a spaceship, yeah.

Jerry Blizzard says:

so what do you think alec’s last words were?

Eric Lough says:

You didn’t have time to finish the sentence “It’s fine I’ve got a shield!” Before that grenade exploded. XD

ApexPenguin says:

“Headbutt the Electric Rock” is my new favorite expression! “What are you doing after work, Jim?” “The missus and I are going to Headbutt the Electric Rock If you know what I mean.” Which means “To do your taxes”

Mason Webb says:

Guys I love the banter you to always have but please shut the fuck up during a cut scene!! I’m trying to listen to something other than you just this once

MrDarthT says:

Two minutes in and already a Tim Curry “SPACE!” joke.

zaqzilla1 says:

Good! Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you!

b elliott says:

1:58. I heard that. You brilliant bastards.

Spike Spiegel says:

Sees the video in Subscription: Fuck yeah this is going to be awesome!

16 seconds in: No, wait! Don’t spoil it I want to watch when I play it myself, argh!!

OnceAgainICantSleep says:

So they make you Pathfinder after like… 1.5 hours of gameplay? I guess I should have expected that. -_- My expectations are way too high.

omegagilgamesh says:

Before starting the video, “SPACE jerk?” Really? Have you been watching DBZA again?

mysocalledbrain says:

“Can you spit in my mouth?” Presumably Jerk Ryder’s opening pick up line. Who said romance is dead….?

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