LUST IN SPACE – Wheelhaus Gameplay

Only a genius like Don Bluth could have you openly weeping about the plight of Jewish immigrant mice one minute, then tossing off to a cartoon space princess the next. Well, not literally the next minute. How long does it take to switch out a DVD and lock the door?

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Casey Lyons says:

What website do they go to when they look up rule 34 stuff

Franklin Robertson says:

The difference between AH and FH is prop humor and these amazing edits.

Erwin Dedić says:

Whoa, who’s the babe in the background? That a new intern? I like her. She should be on the show more often.

Stash Fronz says:

I may or may not have incorporated Marble Madness Remix into my morning run this morning….

SlimJim2403 says:

Who’s the cutie in the back?

George Mullens says:

why does the office look so empty?

MegaTheshiz says:

That’s Atomic Betty!

Ian Vischansky says:

Hilarious editing!

Wolt says:

I hope James’ parents watch this.

Benjamin Shephard says:

My favorite thing about this channel, second to Bruce’s laugh and rule 34, is James getting excited about swole ass dudes

LegendLee says:

“We can do whatever we want. We’re adults.” Adam, not according to YouTube.

Colton Dunderdale says:

Keep it up boys! You’re on fire!!

Marcos Calderon says:

Where is everyone its so empty

Chilichilichili Chimichanga says:

I need a space ace podcast

Miguel Sanchez says:

I’m not usually that kind of person but god damn! Who is that hottie in the blue dress behind them???

Reverand Logic says:

Why do I feel like early American animation is way less trash than the garbage we have today?

Vincent Bokan says:

I love hoshizora no memoria. Great vn

BatteryFlaccid says:

Great one

Abe says:

Had to come back and rewatch episode too good lol

Kenneth McCord says:

Damn you for triggering my Google home…

StinBruh says:

No wonder Bruce is shitting his pants all the time… Artificial sweetener and cheese? Oml

cameron speak says:

Bruce is a sexual predator

Aaron Rivas says:

Wait… I’ve missed so much.. what happened to the office!?

Alex Paradies says:

More of this please

F. C. says:

James’s PURE ecstasy in this video has restored my faith in happiness and humanity.

James Connold says:

Hahaha that outro

Lapass Lassuli says:

6:46 “Haaaaah, he crashed they all crashed…dust in the wind…Oh shit I’m gonna be sued by Kansas!”

Shams IU says:

Super Perspective wasn’t actually that bad

Kimmilpn says:

Watching this is weird when your name is Kimberly.

Michael Ensly says:

This started up my Google Home 🙁

My Name is Travis says:

This set off my Google Home twice

Rockape says:

I thought my phone trying to listen in on James after he ok googled first time was part of the video, pls make him stop ok googling, I want to poop in peace

TheMightyDuo says:

Don’t don’t don’t you forget about me….please someone make that beginning part a gif.

Edna Morales says:

Dis is my mom channel but nice shoes james are they new from P K

Matthew Grigsby says:

*What’s the difference between a tire and 365 used condoms?*
One’s a Goodyear. The other’s a great year.

DJ Brock says:

Editing on this video was perfecto

RedJacketProduction1 says:

btw that third r34 image is Atomic Betty

Get cultured, swine

Nako Okan says:

Whenever James says ok Google it always activates it on my phone

Avery Williams says:

Cottage Cheese needs pepper or Ketchup, the one thing Nixon got right.

Clark Tanner says:

The editing in this video is so good. The extra effort really shows!

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