Let’s Play Space Tyrant – PC Gameplay Part 26 – Domination

A zero-attention span mega-empire builder where you can enjoy titanic space battles and huge galaxy-wide conquests but not run over your employer-mandated allotment of lunch-eating minutes.

In Space, Nobody Can Hear You Die Screaming.


Tactical combat!
Strategic scheming!
Grimdark grimness!
No cultural victories! No diplomacy! In Space Tyrant there can be only slaughter!
Tons of excellent space cards to play!
Space aliens!
Space police!
Simplified, easy-to-grasp 5X (eXplore, eXploit, eXpand, eXterminate and eXsanguinate!)
Swift gameplay means quick deaths and lightning-fast victories!
Hours upon hours of space strategy delivered steaming-hot into your gaping tentacular maw-orifice, the way you demanded it!

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zach205502hcaz says:

Darn, I was hoping to see you conquer all the planets before getting the tech goal

mathers000 says:

wander it was because of the card you picked up after you won the second game in this run (the mercenary army)

King Gulle says:

Dreadnoughts are much better in fights with big fleets that have lots of small ships, missile burst does damage to everything.

singerathevampire says:

painful sting seems to be a single target power, where as missile barrage seems to be spread over the entire enemy fleet, so id think the more enemies you face the better the dreadnaught becomes where against smaller teams battlecruisers are better

Crystalon says:

Hi Wander. I’m enjoying this series, enjoying your live-streams, and just having fun in general. You do good stuff. Just wanted to let you know. 🙂

Gio Barcarolo says:

wander, your faction DOESNT get extra invasion die for how wealthy you are, it was a perk you chose (mercenary army)

Nexus necrowolf says:

Try landing party on the derelict forge

sans says:

wander you dont get die from this faction when you have money you get it from an perk you get so read your perks or you will get confused

schroll 15 says:


OmegaZero861 says:

Come At Me Bro allows you to make a senate fleet attack an unaligned fleet or other senate fleet on a neighboring planet.

Rye 2474 says:

This is just a thought, but maybe the enemy homeworld stops being important once the “war” starts and the enemy controls all the other planets?
Maybe once the war starts you can only get the conquest/takeover win by taking all the planets they own or something.

Banarok Lionrage says:

getting extra invasion die for gold was one of the first perks you picked, some perks are really nice.

Grant Holton says:

I’m pretty sure you can use CARDS on the space monsters but not the death ray

Francisco Scherer says:

Come at me bro when enemys cant move x.x?

MyBalls says:

tip for halving shield:
use it LATER in the figth, because in the first 10-15 seconds NONE of your ships fire and in 10 sec enemy recharge the shields

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