Let’s Play Holy Potatoes! We’re In Space?! – PC Gameplay Part 1 – This Game Is The Best Kind Of Dumb

Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?! is a space adventure game with management elements and turn-based combat. Manage your very own spaceship and explore a procedurally generated universe with dozens of planets to explore for resources, and enemies you can encounter for intergalactic space battles.

Encounter a cornucopia of space races, such as cosmic carrots, zany zucchinis, obnoxious onions, and even space whales! Take part in epic boss battles and save your grandfather, Jiji, who was incarcerated by the evil federation, The Eclipse.

Main Features:
Craft hundreds of weapons for your spaceship
Hire engineers to become part of your crew and man your ship
Explore dozens of planets and galaxies, or why not explore the whole universe!
Gather resources to upgrade your spaceship and craft weapons!
Combat evil galactic broccoli and extraterrestrial carrot spaceships, and many others!
Encounter epic boss battles!

Get it on steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/505730/


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Zombie1933 says:

I subbed from holy potatoes a weapon shop

Jacob Takeshita says:

I saw the title and was like. HOLY POTATOES! IT’S BACK!!!

space says:

360 p 🙁

Rick Veenbergen says:


BatBeardGames says:

It unlocks in half an hour.

Morbid Mars says:

<3 ?

Sincere Ashendel-Kelsaw says:

holy potatoes ftl like and similar game

Gure Shefi says:


Dakota Page says:

I knew i would like this cause it has Potato in the name

Ciel PhantomHive says:

19:31 Harry Potter reference

Nickle488 says:

I first started watching you when you started bounty train

ajsto88 says:


maxybaer123 says:

yay i love holy potatos

Jan-Jakob Schmid says:

the sience referenzes are awsome

maxybaer123 says:


Ivan Moltini says:

Loving the videos man!!

Xx_Super_hyper-coffee_xX I says:

The title just automatically told me that I’m going to love this game

TheCheers says:

Click 1, JUST DO IT!

The Charm says:

I found your channel from the first Holy Potatoes.

Elliott Belser says:

…The Spacebar’s sign is a thing of beauty.

Draxux prime says:

I was there for the naming of wepons 😀 but mine wasnt chosen hahaha back in the good old days before u tube could stream hahaha

SmallTownHooligans says:

play lovers in a dangerous space time

Shaun Francis says:

Didnt you have other parts of this?

Puke & Play / Gameplays & Randomness says:

I have the first game and i really liked it, so i absolutely going to buy this another one! XD

MrShroud says:

with the starting statistic of 5000 subs to 10000, i can say i was one of the ones who added up to the 10000.

G.M.R says:

Holy potatoes a weapon shop was the first series I watched from you

Nikolaus Swihart says:

Who else was here back then

Legon Serenson says:


BSchneid17 Zulu says:

this is awesomely amazing

Eepicness 45 says:


nick187able says:

How is this different than FTL ?

i can make my name long and nobody will stop me says:


Sabertooth 3604 says:

I found your channel with holy potatoes a weapon shop

ArcaneFire says:

Holy Potatoes subbed me to you. It was the thing that brouth me to your channel.

Madgizmo says:

Oh god….it’s starting again.

Growtopia Playz1 says:


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