Let`s Play Ancient Space Gameplay Part/Mission 1 Down in a Hole

Time to start this Let`s Play of Ancient Space! A real time strategy game created by the guys at CreativeForge Games!

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Venture deep into space to uncover secrets and find a lost expedition!

Ancient Space features real time strategic starship battles that encourages tactical maneuvering. In time honored RTS tradition, you build and upgrade your fleet as you complete mission objectives and gather resources which allow you to progress further into the game. Chart your approach – from defense to offense and everything in between such as escort and stealth missions.

Embark and explore the darkest recesses of space in this tale of strategic resource management and engrossing interstellar warfare.

Main features:
A stellar cast: The game is voiced by fan-favorites from much loved sci-fi movies and television shows such as Star Trek: Enterprise, Battlestar Galactica and Firefly.
Deep space exploration: Each mission advances the plot further and introduces a new area of space being explored with secrets to discover and dangers to react to.
Command your fleet: Build, maintain and strategically use a multitude of ship types to deploy into battle, each with distinct tactical uses during grand strategic space warfare as you square off against notorious pirates and mysterious aliens.
Upgradeable progression: Your units can be upgraded. Various upgrades to player ships are applied throughout the campaign. You decide what to enhance and what to leave behind.
Choose your crew: Before each mission, choose up to three officers with special abilities that aid your progress through the missions. Recruit more crew members along your journey.
An engrossing campaign: The single player campaign comes with a pulsating story that follows epic battles and tackles philosophical questions about humanity and science whilst posing the question – what lies beyond?

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Rick Veenbergen says:

Zoom in on the battle if you can

Craig H says:

Just found this. Finally! SOASE 2!!! lol

I love you says:

Can you play Sins of a solar empier as the new republic ? Btw. Love you

Aidec Decado says:

Pls next time lower sound lvl from the game (music espec.) and boost your voice. It`s difficult to understand you thorough loud music.

Afrot says:

Are you going to play homeworld when the remastered version comes out this month?
i have heard the multiplayer got an overhaul..ish..

Vovan Komlev says:

.Like the music, won’t lie Looks like a more advanced version Can you play Sins of a solar empier as the new republic

ThermoTesticles says:

this makes me want to play homeworld again.

Rick Veenbergen says:


Quigmodacon H. says:

this game looks like so much fun! i am thinking of buying it when i get the money.

178thbattlegroup says:

please keep uploading these vidoes. your the only one who is. and i wanna see if this is worth buying.

Gerfervonbob says:

Please move the mouse cursor off the screen during cut-scenes. 

Kobus Nel says:

Like the music, won’t lie. Nice and cinematic epic score 😛

William Fann says:


Yungzon85 says:

Looks like a more advanced version Sins of a Solar Empire

hunter wallace says:

Dang 360 :/ YOUTUBE Y U NO LOAD?!?!?

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