Let’s Play Ancient Space – Campaign Gameplay Episode 1

Let’s Play Ancient Space a Space Campaign Driven RTS. The gameplay of Ancient Space is a wonderful mix of traditional RTS and a homage to things such as Homeworld. Be sure to like and subscribe for more Ancient Space campaign gameplay!

About Ancient Space:
Ancient Space features real time strategic starship battles that encourages tactical maneuvering. In time honored RTS tradition, you build and upgrade your fleet as you complete mission objectives and gather resources which allow you to progress further into the game. Chart your approach – from defense to offense and everything in between such as escort and stealth missions.

Embark and explore the darkest recesses of space in this tale of strategic resource management and engrossing interstellar warfare.


JImmy says:

Just to let everyone know I’m also an “Old School” game player and I love games like “Home World”, “Sins Of A Solar Empire” and other classic games like them. But no offence to some of the “Old School” game players, games like “Home World” and other games like “Home World”. these “Old School” game players always get “BUTT HURT” very badly when they see new games like “Ancient Space”. even all of the
” Sins Of A Solar Empire” games are 10 times better then “Home World”. these so called “Old School” game players need to learn that games like “Home World” were only good at the time they were made and are classic games. “Ancient Space” has nothing to do with
“Home Word”.
“Ancient Space” looks better, plays better, performs better and feels better 20 times better then “Home World”. These “Old School” game players need to learn how to adapt and keep up to date with latest games. or they can just STFU and carry on playing games like
“Home World”.

TrueKnightRider says:

I really enjoyed this video. We are just starting out as a family video gaming team. Any chance you can swing by our Youtube channel and give us some feedback? btw, what stuff do you use to make this?

Stephen Law says:

… nothing to do with “Homeworld”, This one looks pretty basic, the physisc, explosions, movement, designs… awful. It’s just my opinion, no offense.

well play says:

homeworld game is better

Liberty0522 says:

The gameplay reminds me of Star Wars Empire at War.

ares106 says:

I really wished sins of a solar empire would have been like this with ships that move in Newtonian fashion, instead of what we had with ships that moved around like RTS tanks in2D space.

homie4lifeDOG says:

so last i checked it wa 360p…now it went down to 240p. Youtube is punishing me for being impatient 🙁

randem person says:

is it just me or have the recovered wheaty and changed his voice and called him heater

Maestah says:

Why does this game has mixed reviews? this looks awesome!

Captain Badass says:

This is not at all a criticism, but with how crisp your mic. is and with the quiet background and your professional voice~ This is like listening to a Lets Play on NPR. Having said that, I’m going to sub you and listen to you when I have to take a nap before my night shift. Not implying that you’re boring, not at all. Just relaxing. (No Homo:) Thanks and keep it up!

mongojr100 says:

Homeworld was badass.

Opul3nce says:

Can someone tell me why there is load of reviews @ 3 and others at 10?

Is it because there are loads of grumpy old people and somehow christmas doesn’t seem as special ?

pirotess2 says:

This game look very similiar to Homeworld, and look promise.

PH3AR says:

Sweet, i was just looking at this game in Store this morning, wondering if anyone would do a video about it. And here it is!

krufkeusz says:

Very cool playthrough. The game looks nice too! Will there be more videos?

trin kun says:

Is this game good or does it suck dwarf cock?

JeffreyQProductions says:

How are the controls? I couldn’t play sins of a solar empire because the controls were really hard to get a hold of for me. Is this game better? I love the graphics and the look of all space sim games, but often find them too complex and finicky with the controls.

Rubinelle Vashti says:

“Oh, would you look at that…”
Need a new catchphrase…

WhoCares says:

Another generic sequel of space rts… pfff, why go something different like star wolves 3

Janet Szalewski says:

try fors

talicadk says:

it wasn’t what i had hope for the ship design on all are ugly, the single player is meh and the overall gameplay needs a lot of work. wait with get this game and see how it turns out

Honorharringtonfan says:

Don’t the warp gates look almost exactly like the one in the film “Babylon 5- Third Space”. They do to me, love that show.

Drexder Kogz says:

what is your Computer Specs?

SnowAtYT says:

From what i see in your Let’s Play, this plays more like a tower defense game than an RTS.

Charlie Theroux says:

It’s already broken from the get go! Impossible to even complete the tutorial because the craft CAN NOT BE MOVED!

John Doe says:

Make me wonder why it took so long for people to try making a spiritual successor to the Homeworld franchise.

One formation command I really wish they had was to have the selected ships adjust their speeds to attack the target at the same time.

Attack craft don’t consume ammo or fuel – this detracts from their particular niche.

Also giving capital ships the kind of point defense systems seen in the Red Dragon games would be sweet.

Big L says:

It’s just too damn messy. I mean the campaign is single-player, and structured – but I can’t imagine what this would look like in a multiplayer zerg. And without any anchoring of the camera the overview is hideous… Full 3D strategy games are probably not my cup of tea.

Dave Cullen says:

Thanks Pewpew, great lets play. I played my first game of this last night and was as chaotic as a bag full of frogs. You make it look so easy!

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