King of the Space Pirates, Bojack! DLC 3 GAMEPLAY | Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Bojack is featured as the third character of the DLC Pack 3 for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and he’s pretty fun!




Zulril says:

Yo you and Afro should play more often

ArcFire says:

I feel like bojacks grab should have been when he death hugs gohan

Maliced Covet says:

Bojack, the Xenoverse 2 equivalent to Ganondorf in every Smash Bros game.

Legend993 says:

Bojack is a really good at connecting and doing hard-hits

lightsinx says:

this would mean dlc 4 is fused zamasu. but who else? anyone thinks its gonna be toppo?

Nitro_Crate says:

The next DLC (4) should have Merged Zamazu, Super 13 and Super Bojack with Ssb Vegito as free DLC. Like if you agree!

Admirał Hax says:

I’ll be loyal.


I skipped apostrophe to keep it working.

Savage FrmSix0 says:

Do you know when dlc 3 it’s going to be released ?

Jacob Moreno says:

They should’ve just put vb instead of bojack

X Jackson says:

wait dlc 4 did he say that

Retro Vader says:

If they are gonna put Bojack then they should put teen gohan in turtle hermit gi.

magic_bunny says:

can we unlock all the new supers on are characters

Cooler Finale Form says:

That picture of bojack in the thumbnail looks like zangya just sent him nudes

Jeff Koster says:

u should ask dimps put little more moves in ssj rose in emty slot like aura slide

Timothy Williams says:

stupid nigyan?! lol

Son Goku says:

Hay rhym can you get black in his base without the pre order becase i have the pre order install but he wont showup

StrawHatGraze says:

that makes better sence that its present zamasu since future zamasu is emortal

Elijah Weaver says:

When is this dlc coming out?

Rexsider234 Arc says:

The new dlc pack 3 should’t have had future trunks new transformation and goku black with zamasu.

Sir Tododile says:

its sad you cant go full power bojack

Jēmuzu 1 says:

can he transform (bojack)

Joshua Williams says:

Does Bojack transform???

Zeno says:

I Wish they’ll add in Bojack’s Transformation

Yahya Wasty says:

DLC 3 may be the best DLC in this game by far, but they included only Bojack’s first form and no transformation? They can’t be fucking serious, so what’s next? DLC 4 having Merged Zamasu, Vegito Blue, and fucking Bojack’s final form instead of Trunk’s new form just because the lazy bastards couldn’t integrate it into DLC 3? They’re better off only putting Bojack’s transformed state in DLC 3, just in case we don’t get that shit in DLC 4, I want a newer and stronger character.

X Jackson says:

I,m waiting for vegito blue

Zander Wake says:

Why does Bojack look like Dr Myuu on steroids…?

SavageNateOhYeah says:

Why wouldn’t they just give us full power Bojack?

Ultimate Uchiha says:

we need a new ssj blue goku and new ssj blue vegeta so like the goku gets mad like when he figured out about wat black did to chi chi and goten and like vegeta when he beat the shit out of rose

Nicolas Gauchery says:

where is the other form of Bojack?

Savage FrmSix0 says:

Do you know when dlc 3 it’s going to be released ?

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