Interstellar Transport Company Gameplay Part 1 | Space Fever? Space Transport Tycoon Deluxe?

Part 1 of Early Access gameplay from Interstellar Transport Company, your opportunity to be a space tycoon or maybe get yourself some space fever. Build your high-earning interstellar space network and declare yourself Lord Tycoon Of The Stars. Or something like that.

Early access is begins on August 16. I’m here early because the nice development team threw a key at me and threatened me with hammers if I didn’t make a video. That’s all true, apart from the hammers.

Take a seat, grab a drink and sit back to the relaxing sound of plans being drawn then abandoned within minutes.

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souldry says:

You gotta fight! For your right! To traaaaansport!

Fungusfilms says:

Transport, trade, having to do work! Next it will be getting haircuts and real jobs. No! Space is prepackaged with bad guys that need blowing up with limitless ammo. What has gaming become?

Alavaria says:

At some point you can’t transport things any further… or can you?!

UncappingBadger says:

Wait, you said a word that requires beeping out. I never thought I would see the day…

Ben Garcia says:

Transport? Tycoon! SPACE?!!? I’m in! EDIT: Dear gods it’s deluxe as well!

danny johnson says:

Fly me to the moon let’s me cast along the stars…..let me see what’s spring is like on Jupiter and Mars…

Reh3d Zone says:

I used to play something almost identical to this, I think it was from Sega, and it was very similar to Aerobiz, but was for space. I cannot remember the name of it…even searched for it, but no luck. It was a very fun game much like this one looks to be.

Adam Brower says:

Hey Colonel. If you go to the routes menu and click the buttons at the bottom for passengers (around the place you can set ‘wait until full’ options), you can change the ticket prices.

BBOSS Gameing says:

this game is hmmm

Stephen Butler says:

Didn’t expect to see this so soon. I seen sky storm mention this in a video a month or so ago. Looks a great game. I’ll now watch.

Skipachu says:

Hmmm… Transport Fever without the terrain alignment colizsh… I don’t know if I’ll enjoy watching. There doesn’t seem to be much of ‘you’ in it. It’s just setting up routes with minimal decisions to make. There’s none of the artistry you get when trying to lay track in TF, no personality conflicts from Motorsport Manager, no witty banter from PUBG. I think it needs to mature a bit more as a game.

mrcalzon02 says:

not a bad one… looks fun.

alex grass says:

Looks, like good game so far but as a multi player tycoon game, I believe you should maintain exclusive rights to the building/colony’s you set up. It would give more depth and reason to expand and explore

cibie01 says:

Them cops were looking for Jim, he’s been seen smuggling cows to Mars and selling them on the open cattle market.

SuperWinner50 - Minecraft & More says:


Baleur says:

That tilting UI is ruining the game.
I completely “get it”, what they were going for. But it is so overdone and unsuitable for a management game when you NEED to read the text easily and quickly when mousing over thing, instead of every single tooltip being angled at a different side depending on the distance from the center of the screen.

Best thing to do if you are unsure if your rad new idea is adding or hurting the game, is to do a thought experiment with already established popular well accepted “good” games. And see if your new innovation would add or ruin the gameplay.
For example, imagine if Rimworld had all the text to the sides angled at almost 30 degrees. Would be fun right?
Or how about Transport Fever, everytime a tooltip or window goes to the side, it angles like in this game. Comfortable to play right?

TLDR: Its a terrible idea that only works in NON-management games that doesnt rely heavily on UI text and readability (for example Crysis, where the main menu effect of this was first seen in gaming).

dan b says:

This isn’t transport fever

GreenwireGaming says:

All I can think about is who owns the spaceport? Man that guy must be making a mint or two

John Peat says:

“All these worlds are yours except Europa
Attempt no landing there”

-Ten Past Eight…

JJCM04 says:

This game looks interesting. I am surprised you haven’t used the 5x buttons when you set your cargo.

Ebba Lytle says:

Yeah… I like it. It’s interesting how games go in sort of waves. Right now it seems that we’re going to be seeing more and more of these types of management games. Not close-up like Transport Fever is, but viewing from afar. Should be interesting to see how they are generally accepted. 🙂

jeremy van marle says:

Wrong Colonel I live on mars 🙂

Looks like a game I will enjoy watching.

Vanilla PC Strategy says:

Good stuff Colonel! Looking forward to seeing how more of this goes for you, as the system develops it’s interesting to see all the ships flying everywhere.

Today’s (save breaking) update has MP as well as some important bug fixes that had shown up around year 8-9. The developer has been very responsive to feedback!

pyromaniacal13 says:

I think I’m going to get this one too. I’ll definitely be keeping tabs on the Ultrasafe Spaceflight Corporation.

Grandson theGood says:

series series series

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