Innerspace PC Gameplay Impressions – Post Apocalyptic Steampunk Flying Simulator!

Innerspace Gameplay with Splat! Let’s Play Innerspace and check out an artsy new flight sim with steampunk influences that takes place on a ruined planet!

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DragonReaver says:

Hes a Person you are a sentient kite.

Kajetan Gams says:

Thanks for all the great videos!

Shawn Garza says:

Hi, it looks very cool.

ttarabbia says:


Samuel Consolatti-Welch says:

i can dig it

Phil Mysterious says:

This looks like a pretty cool game, but man, there is way too much text. Game writers need to learn to condense. There’s 3 to 4 times as many words as you need to get the point across.

Man in the Black Hat says:

when you are in the Inverse.. DO YOU NO DE WAE?

Lucas Liam says:

Wow dats cool. Also dats how missiles should be.

IcedLance says:

Goes through the tutorial, learns nothing.
Just what you’d expect from Splattercat.

Valaraukari says:

Waaaay to bright and colorfull for me…

Dr.Locklear 983 says:

I’d like to see more of this. This feels like the next abzu, or journey.

Terrobility says:

I have no sense of direction with this game. I can’t make out which side up is the sky and which side is the sea :/

JKM395 says:

Who am I? Why am I here? That thing’s a Geth! Shoot it!
This game looks awesome. I’m looking forward to more.

ZeroJinKui says:

hey splat, do you think you will ever try out megaton rainfall? that game looks really awesome, too.

jackenape says:

Comment and like for comments’ and likes’ sake.

Glen Grauwen says:

Hmmm not feeling it

Old Man Dude says:

Maybe one more play thru? Like to see what’s behind the water door.

Ilsa Khan says:

More Splat! Please!!

Andrew Goebel says:

AAww man, one more video closer to kingdom new lands.

KvltKommando says:

if you get machine guns i’ll be interested

A Smasher says:

yeah im gonna be that guy ‘INverse’ splat

Sloth says:

I like it, but my mind is have the most difficult time visualizing the big picture of the world. It’s so trippy.

Nathan A says:

yes, it looks good but can I use my HOTAS set up for this game 😉

Gijs Voskuil says:


Jerald Andry III says:


danieldb631 says:

I was somewhat disappointed that this had nothing to do with piloting a miniaturized submersible and being injected into Martin Short’s butt cheek with only 12 hours to get back to normal before your air supply runs out. But, this game looks cool.

zach kapsh says:

Man plz play more.

Jared Cone says:

Love it! Would like to see more.

The_Grand_Canyon says:

Not bad.

Covirt Gaming and Music says:

I want more of this!

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