Hilarious Subnautica Style Space Survival! – Breathedge Gameplay Impressions

Breathedge Gameplay Impressions with Splat! Let’s Play Breathedge and check out a new space survival game where we’ll build, craft, and joke our way through a hilarious narrative!

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Tom Gunnar says:

I would appreciate to see more of this game on the channel or twitch.

Fergus Ross says:

Sweet Jesus please do more of this game

Liberty Prime says:

The running water sound is from the video you left playing on the screen

Kizzle Blight says:

There’s a glitch I found that gives you infinite air in space, there’s a locked door in a hunk of broken ship directly underneath the airlock, If you bring 2 or 3 scrappers and break the door down, you get a room full of oxygen that refills your air tank without an airlock (don’t ask me how that’s possible in space), as soon as you enter the room and you see your air tank refilling, fly back out into space. For some reason your oxygen tank stays full until you enter an airlock or go back into that room

brian plays says:

I was hoping for more green hell but this is cool too

Mike Emmons says:

I think Splat should have had a couple of bowls before he played this.

ShalinorOz says:

Your hydration is significantly affected by your urination

Aero Nomer says:

Hahahaha. Chicken dielectric. Cracked me up.

matthew rowlings says:

this was fun to watch lol

turbokillsemall says:

Can I haz moar plz!!!!????

ShotByNinja says:

Was wondering when you were going to play this lol

Fouzan Mukaram Ameer says:

Hey splattercat….looks like comical space version of subnautica…hehehe nice

Hassan Samhat says:

Wow. Wtf happened to graveyard keeper it’s been 2 weeks and yet to be found an episode 12……. You better explain cause that game was lit and you can’t just stop playing a game without finishing it or saying that your done playing (I don’t barely watch all your vids so I don’t know if you explained why you stopped playing)

0KOrbU0 says:

It would be nice to see more of this.

Poor Abnormal Milk says:

Depressed = No pressure
No oxygen = Depressed, because you have no oxygen to create an artificial pressure for you to survive in. Sorta a round-about way to look at it

Eirick Schule says:

Hey, I saw this game on steam and thought this is a SplatterCat game.

J. Jonah Jameson says:

This was just the ticket after a fuck of a day.

GorumGamer says:


Dari Salmeen says:

Actually First. Never happened to me beforelol.

Max Griffin says:

please make this a series

FatalWalkerFilms says:

Yo R2-D2’s Brother is in here? R2-D3 WHATS UUUPPP!

frealms says:

Now I’m curious as to what the cigarette is replaced with (given the nature of the game).

Predrag Petrovic says:

Splat, since you have the helmet, the spit (and the wiper) were on the inside 😀

Dr.Locklear 983 says:

Funny, interesting, and worth more episodes in my opinion.

Captain Soban says:

wow I can see that this game is going to be good! I love the humor and the setting of this! Its going on my wish list for sure!

Silveressa says:

Also, regarding the ongoing sound of water, it’s because the survival video you played on the tv is continually playing in a loop, and the water sound is coming from that, so go over to the tv, eject the tape and it’ll stop.

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