HELLION – “Space JETPACK, AIRLOCK MODULE, FULLY WORKING BASE!” – Hellion Gameplay Part 2 (Tutorial)

Welcome to HELLION GAMEPLAY / SPACE SURVIVAL GAME! Today, we’re hopping into this AWESOME HELLION SPACE SURVIVAL GAME as we PUT THE SPACE JETPACK TO USE, FIND AN AIRLOCK MODULE, AND HAVE A FULLY WORKING BASE!! But yeah, hope you enjoy Hellion Space Survival Gameplay Part 2! ☆ Buy Games for Cheap!: https://www.g2a.com/r/starsnipe

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What is Hellion?

Hellion is a first person multiplayer space survival game.

It is a fusion of survival and space simulation genres that pits players against the deadly environment and one another. Survive in the harsh conditions of space and scavenge for air, fuel and other items necessary for survival. But keep in mind, you are not the only one out there. There are others, but will they help, or will they throw you to the void without a second thought? Remember, no matter how brutal space may seem, it cannot hold a candle to man.

Hellion is a solar system several thousand lightyears from Earth. Despite its distance, it is the target of the first interstellar colonization mission during the 23rd century. Almost a million colonists, suspended in cryogenic hibernation, leave Sol on a journey that would take many decades.

However, when they wake up, almost a century later, they find themselves trapped inside a nightmare. Instead of living in a manmade paradise, they are forced to fight for survival surrounded by deserted stations, incomplete orbital habitats and derelict warships.

With the closest rescue operation decades away, orbital economy in disarray and no authorities in sight, many turn to scavenging, stealing and outright violence. Few others try to live more civilized and begin uncovering the truth behind the largest disaster in human history.

Hellion is an ambitious project. It is an immersive world set in a solar system many lightyears from the comforts of Earth and is entirely based on the laws of Newtonian physics.

Hellion will make its debut as an Early Access game. EA version represents the basics of the vision behind this dark world. As our community grows and the player base expands, the game will evolve beyond these confines and become a true space survival that we can all enjoy. Open and honest communication between developers and community is the cornerstone of this idea. We are always open for discussion with our players as we believe that each and every one of us can add something to this project. Join us in the dystopian future that is Hellion and let’s build this world together!

Below is a comprehensive list of features planned for Hellion’s early access. Most of these are already in the game, some of them will undergo modification and improvement while others will be implemented during the course of Early Access (features marked as completed are the ones that will be present from the start and possibly modified and improved upon, based on community feedback)…

Space based on real physics

Explore a persistent solar system where all in-game objects from planets and moons to ships and stations abide by Newtonian Physics and full Orbital Mechanics. A seamless world you can immerse yourself in without interruptions. No instances or loading screens.

Realistic scale solar system (completed)
Newtonian Physics (completed)
Orbital mechanics (completed)
Seamless transitions (completed)
Persistent universe (completed)
Immersive sound

Experience sound that changes according to your environment, from the deathly silence of hard vacuum to the deafening roar of the ship’s engine room.

Find a way to survive in the most hostile environment known to man and learn how to protect yourself from vacuum, decompression, extreme temperatures and radiation.

Vacuum and decompression (completed)
Temperature (work in progress)
Radiation (work in progress)

Find and repurpose abandoned station modules and ships for personal use, or strip them for parts to fix and upgrade your existing equipment.

Parts (completed)
Resources (completed)
Station modules (completed)
Ships (work in progress)
Resource gathering

Grab a suit and your mining gear and EVA over to the nearby asteroid or fly your ship into the upper layers of a gas giant in order to harvest raw resources that can be refined into fuel, air and crafting components.

Asteroid EVA mining (completed)
Refining (completed)
Asteroid Ship mining (work in progress)
Gas giant harvesting (work in progress)
Detailed crafting system


Muhd syah says:

Wish space engineer looks like this

WirlWind says:

I just noticed something cool. Most games have “space dust” everywhere to show momentum, but this seemed to only show the dust in the helmet overlay..

Erick Le Corbeau says:

God damn ur nice and gentle but so dumb ! “Last time i couldn’t put my backpack on !” OF COURSE YOU WHERE NOT WEARING UR SUIT !!!! “I don’t know how to get the visor of the helmet up !” LOOK AT THE GOD DAMN CONTROLS !!!! Wow ay least try to be intelligent !

HotaruZoku says:

*psssh psssh*
Okay, I see something ELSE.
*psssh PSSSHHH*
Now this does use Newtonian physics

Vyse Arcadia says:

The cringe of first-day vids. lol

Brian Feldman says:

15:02 says on-screen to press T to “Activate RCS”
15:09 “I don’t know how to use the jetpack”

All I can say is: WOW

DeadLock 1821 says:

At least someone is good at making videos for this Game and makes it fun to actually watch, and the more you play the more you know and then you know what NOT to do cause you end up dying in Space lol.. I just want to know the point of it so far it is just Mining and making the Station Support Life and Fixing the Station and the Ship. I hope they add more and don’t give up on this game cause it does look really fun. and it was really funny when you went thru the Vent in the last episode and poof out into space XD try not to do that again lol XD…

Bob Martin says:

You idiot starsnipe. do you have any idea how to use the doors correctly? you are supposed to get inside the corridor, put on you’re suit, set the room to suck the air out and deposit it in the tanks, (there is a panel) and then open the door. you are screwed if you keep letting precious atmosphere out.

alpha derp says:

last time you completely ignored the suits and went for the futuristic jet pack also the suit gives you inventory slots.

Jaiden S says:

Man, I absolute love the look of this game, looks that cool

Mr Bork says:

So do you remember seeing Kraken whilst on with drake?

Panda Plebs says:

put it on the cargo bay and refill

Legion Plays says:

Docking not easy it takes time and skill. Oh Important! if your ships within 100 meters of your station give it a few seconds and it will AUTOMATICALLY match the stations speed to its never moves on its own

PlysovejKaktus says:

Putting on the suit didn’t work last time I think because you didn’t start with chest.

memelord the burninator says:

nice avatar refrence

leo horn says:

flipping up visor is x

thealchemicist cow says:

10 out of 10

Eugene King says:

busy downloading hellion the game now . looking forward to playing

SilverFang I says:

when you went outside the ship was to your right and up right, the module was to your left. so going back you should see the ship to your left and you would be on its underbelly?

Mason Rob says:

STAR look at demo storm hellion ep 2 for a little start .

Devan Frady says:

1:47 oh you press x I think

Iron Spectre says:

How does your game play so smoothly, what do you play it on graphics wise

Spankin1963 says:

great video Star! Thanks!

Grim Reaper says:


Mr Bork says:

When does he work out x does visor? And j does grav? And v does light?

mohamad doughman says:

key for me :DD

vovapsix says:

Go to HELP in Esc menu, all the controls are there…

Muhd syah says:

Wish space engineer looks like this

Shaolin Gaming says:

I’m so happy to test the realism of the physics etc for the game

LEE Tony says:

x for flip the helmet . ctrl to go prone and EVA lower on space(RCS)

Ater Nefarium says:

Getting this game tomorrow and gonna be amazing >.> pvp is gonna be difficult at first


If ya don’t know what button does the trick,,



Cody Soukochoff says:

Looking forward to checking out this game

EthanReviewsTech says:


Guilherme Furst says:

This game is so frustrating to watch, specially when everyone has no freaking idea on what to do and no tutorial or instructions on commands.

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