HELLION GAMEPLAY Walkthrough Trailer – Space Survival Game 2017

HELLION GAMEPLAY Walkthrough Trailer – Space Survival Game 2017

Hellion is a first person multiplayer space survival game.
It is a fusion of survival and space simulation genres that pits players against the deadly environment and one another. Survive the hard vacuum, extreme temperatures, deadly radiation and scavenge for basic resources like air, water, food and other items necessary for survival.
Hellion es un juego multijugador de supervivencia espacial en primera persona.
Es una fusión de géneros de simulación de supervivencia y espacio que enfrenta a los jugadores contra el medio ambiente mortal y entre sí. Sobrevive al vacío duro, las temperaturas extremas, la radiación mortal y recurre a los recursos básicos como aire, agua, alimentos y otros elementos necesarios para la supervivencia.

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Remi _ sensei says:

3 fps

bulger020 says:

20 minutes of gameplay and nobody fuckin died?!! BOOORING!

dave green says:

game has a ton of potential i hope you guys make it work! you may beat star citizen out!

citruz cranke says:

halo 1 :v

nicholas says:

I need this now!!!this is beautiful

uzel x says:

hey play4game nice video pls don’t give up you have an Amazing channel and a amazing soul and I know you can succeed in this YouTube buissnes so work hard and have a nice day

takenxtx says:

Looks interesting in my opinion

kenny dowis says:

the legacy of Discord flying or whatever? what’s the real game? it looks fun!

isa Gareis says:

me pasas pasas el nik del juego

César Páez says:

What kind of Half life 2 is this?

MrNarajan says:

боже как всё это напоминает работу уму непостижимо ((



Zinogg says:


marbac92 says:

this is so boring, i fell into coma. My nurse wrote this comment

ActualCannibalShiaLebeouf says:

good graphics

Tormod Steinsholt says:

Player interaction being the cornerstone of the game…. all the while there is unlimited griefer potential. I’m slightly concerned. Especially if the game rely on many players to provide dynamics so that four players wont have any fun exploring a “dead” system.

Иван Алёшин says:

Надо дать шанс…

Aca Glig says:

Kad si rekao milos ja sam se upisao od smeha 🙂 Cao buraz

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