HARDCORE SPACE SURVIVAL – Hellion Gameplay #1 (Multiplayer Gameplay)

HARDCORE SPACE SURVIVAL – Hellion Gameplay #1 (Multiplayer Gameplay)
What is Hellion?
Hellion is an ambitious project. It is an immersive world set in a solar system many lightyears from the comforts of Earth and is entirely based on the laws of Newtonian physics.

Hellion will make its debut as an Early Access game. EA version represents the basics of the vision behind this dark world. As our community grows and the player base expands, the game will evolve beyond these confines and become a true space survival that we can all enjoy. Open and honest communication between developers and community is the cornerstone of this idea. We are always open for discussion with our players as we believe that each and every one of us can add something to this project. Join us in the dystopian future that is Hellion and let’s build this world together!

Below is a comprehensive list of features planned for Hellion’s early access. Most of these are already in the game, some of them will undergo modification and improvement while others will be implemented during the course of Early Access (features marked as completed are the ones that will be present from the start and possibly modified and improved upon, based on community feedback

Website: https://www.playhellion.com/
DemoStorm: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuAUR88qBEk1rNnk4XD7L1A

Second Channel: http://bit.ly/1XUOP8G
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PartiallyRoyal
Instagram: http://instagram.com/partroyal
Livestream: http://www.twitch.tv/partiallyroyal


infectiousprod infectiousprod says:

3:20 friend : ” first step first…. ” —partially : ” shinny !!!! ” aka i don’t give a shit of what my friend is talking about

Dane Grimes says:


ScorpionHD6 says:

Great game!!!

Glen Fitzgerald says:

This isn’t a survival game it’s a simulator

jamsand13 says:

u dumb dumb trying to get to an airlock but jetpacking away

The Wanderer says:

Microsoft needs to port Th i to xb1

survarium8202 says:

love this but go 1440

Dank Furry says:

I love how like the first tem min is royal blasting through space

Milamber Puc says:

i can imagine you have to learn it too in real life yea i’m diggin it keep it going 🙂

Your Self says:

Hows this game lag-wise…overall performance?

jonathan Samuels says:

More Hellion!!

DragonHawk says:

are you sure this isn’t Halo ?

Charlie Hubbard says:

lol royal is so ADD

magicman 1 says:

could you do is a huge favor and crank the brightness? maybe then the Mic up a little too. love your videos royal but sometimes its so hard to see with the brightness.

Dominic PlaYz says:

600k i remeber when you wher like 450k hahahhaha

Green-desert says:

Hay Royal call you jet pack a vernier see how confused your brother gets

ChocolateLogBum says:

Please make more this game looks so GOOD

Cameron Murray says:

Looks pretty cool, is there any actual pvp or base building in this game?

Rainy Days says:

the beginning of this video is a hilarious mess. 😀 loved it

Brecht Craft says:

OMG its super nice

Glen Fitzgerald says:

This isn’t a survival game it’s a simulator

Shadowteel 14 says:

plz play more of this game I love it

JettCubedGaming says:


JD Sykes says:

yeeeheees this game more please

021liman says:

they should train in kerbal space program a little 🙂

Victor P says:

this was cringe. the stupidity was annoying to watch

Stuart Kinsey says:

This looks like such an awesome game. Can’t wait to see more of it. 😀

Raymon Roos says:

This game looks really cool

Zachattack says:

Royal please make more Hellion vids

Ole-Martin Thorsen says:

I’m a big fan of elaborate and/or sci-fi doors
So i was sold the moment the first door opened

Sans says:

Let’s hope it’s not a no mans sky

Nusszucker says:

would be nice to have the hud display the movement vectors (forward, backward, normal, anitnormal, you get the gist) so you could actually navigate without eyeballing it.
At least a target reticule would be grate so you could actually point at something and keep it in you crosshairs so you would not float by. That would also allow for easier deacceleration as you would just need to keep the target in the center and press the corresponding button that accelerates you in the other direction.

caelam Edwards says:

Love how there was another open air lock the entire time

ArcticWolf125 says:

Need more of this game!

ShamblerDK says:

That lack of understanding of how inertia works… holy shit, that’s painful to watch…

Abubakar Bakari says:

love this play more please

Metro Gaming says:

Did anyone else snap their neck from leaning when he started rotating?

SSJ Kyren says:

I’ve been with you since your first the forest let’s play but I was 2 retarded to make a youtube account to subscribe

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