Gundam Battle Operation II Beta: GM Sniper II Gameplay (Space)

GM Sniper II gameplay in the Gundam Battle Operation II Beta, on the new space maps. While I’m definitely far from the best player for this game, feel free to watch and see what the Battle Operation II Beta has in store.

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CanadianBrick says:

Holy shit

LoLMoGott says:

One of my first Mobile Suit Gundam Models as a young child of the age of Twenty Six Worldly Rotations was an original Gee Em. To see it’s younger upgraded brother, The Gee Em Sniper Too in forward momentum such as this is quite: “Pretty Slick” as the young ones say.

KululuR08 says:

reminds me a lot of the old Encounters in Space games. wish i could play, hope theres an NA release since i dont wanna go through the trouble of making a jp psn

大浮生 says:


TheRibbonRed says:

AMBAC animations? Wow. But I suppose GBO has always been for the hardcore ones, huh.

Michael 4real says:

I still have yen on my gbo account >.>

Jesus Yamato TV says:

I didn’t get to try out GM Sniper today, but it looks pretty fun. I’ll try it out tomorrow.

Dalton Young says:

wow space battles, and both E.F.S.F and Zeon suits can be used in both sides. will this be released in NA, or not?

Robo Smith says:

This looks lovely!

Jonathan Berry says:

This is beautiful but the combat looks annoying. You should at least be able to lock on, like come on. Maneuvering and firing looks next to impossible. Can you even look down the scope?

Cirno says:

get out of your hiding spot, peglegs : )

Boss says:

Does any one knows the game release date?

solreavir says:

Space combat is looking sweet seems much more fluid then Earth combat good demonstration of the sniper gameplay hit and run

EnhanceRaptor says:

The movement looks really, really cumbersome, like the pilot is fighting his own machine as much as he’s fighting his adversaries.

I like the smooth, yet weighty feeling of motion from Gundam 0081.

adrian blade says:

This looks promising.

adrian blade says:

They need to make the flying more look fluid and make the mobile suits movements slightly faster. Then the game would feel much better.

aherowon003 says:

There’s no zoom?

The Legendary Skywalker says:

great video are you going to show more gameplay from the beta?

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