GOING TO SPACE! – Tiny Town VR Gameplay – HTC Vive Zombie Apocalypse

Going to Space in Tiny Town VR Gameplay!

Flying to Space in Tiny Town VR and heading to the Moon! The Zombie Apocalypse reached the moon Space Program… There’s Zombies in Space and on the moon! Will SpyCakes fly back home on a Space Rocket?

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More Tiny Town VR:

“Tiny Town VR is a world-building game in virtual reality, inspired by the storytelling of LEGO mixed with the enjoyment of making something original. Build your world then fill it with thousands of different objects. Add characters who can be moved, then give them a voice with custom speech bubbles.”

This game looks similar to Broke Protocol and we can create parts of the game while doing some roleplay!

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calyx jeremy says:

Pls add pet shops

Jacob's Adventures says:

do a mars station please

eli kelly says:

Can you make a wild fire right next to the city and zombies invade because they started it

touat youcef says:


Raider Over boss says:

Can you do the giant zombie breaking the wall and maybe the zombies send in an army of dogs and lead by comander dog and they are making mechs

Matrix mates Vlogs says:

Spy there is a moon that u can put in stead of the ball

Squirrel Gaming #Squirrel says:

The ones with fuel tanks on the side are the ones you need and that launch tower is made for weapon rockets the smaller one is for space rockets

Adriana Rodriguez says:

Do a haunted mansion

Justan Rowland says:

you should put cg eating a burger

Jann Franz Vergara says:


Cody Cameron says:

that rocket is the Saturn v apollo and that launch tower is for it

Alex Vlog Vlog says:

Do the train trak

Steph G says:

In the next episode out side the safe zone. you should so a group of survivors made there own little protect base

Dylan the win 100 0 says:

Give yourself a gun on the moon

Danuta Kowol says:

Spycakes add blood and chopped off legs and arms like a prisoner chopped off the legs off of a police officer!

Oscar Roberts says:

Wwe The Zombies so the zombies they can fight

666 found says:

Fire looks like devil icecream

Mason Jennings says:

Pls do my abandoned weapon shop idea

Carl gamer tv says:

make a space tank

Lucas Miguel says:

do a train station and they will be trains and after that you will make a bridge Spy and do like a bridge that is like falling and the train is in the bridge just haging and there will be people running to the crash because they are zombies!

Jody Mckelvy says:

I love you spy

Abby alcantara says:

that train track you said should be armored

Anisah Abas says:

Name the city spyville

Alex Rhoney says:

saturn v rocket you placed

Squirrel Gaming #Squirrel says:

That’s a rocket alright a explosive rocket a space rocket

Jonathan Audette says:

OMG this is so cool! I love tiny town VR! You can make your own worlds!

Jann Franz Vergara says:

Biled s

Michelle Garcia says:

Do a lab

SpyCakes says:

Creating a space program and going to “space” in Tiny Town VR! What would you like to see in future Tiny Town episodes?

YC Comedian says:

You saw the meteor right? Why not use it?

The Amazing Engineer says:

You should put one being stabbed on the end of the rocket

TheCakeBit Gamer says:

spy cakes remember last year my brothers birthday in 19 days 🙂 big fan to you ok just to let you now can you do more jalopy vids and comment  pls read and comment back

Will Graham says:

It can become a nookulcer apakalips!

Robin Buckley says:

Make zombies eating people!

Squirrel Gaming #Squirrel says:

Not a space rocket

richard jopie says:

Make a bombing run outside the safe zone

Dylan the win 100 0 says:

Put a titan zombie in space

LiteThrower348 Vlogs and games says:

Make a car dealership

The Gaming family and more says:

Make a meteor crash site that zombie scientists found and built an exaction site and its radioactive

Terry Jackson says:

In space why don’t you do in the crater a spaceship that s crash landed lwith zombies

Dionne Magtibay says:

Hey spy you should make a lab field with zombie Alain

Error says:

I suggested that 2 episodes ago so yaya he used my idea

Bengt Fridlund says:

Pleas plz

110seli says:

Make the rocket bigger

Sonny says:

Colossal zombie holding on to the moon

Điệp Ngoc says:

Can you do jason 13th killing thing spy ?

joshua gun says:

add died bodys

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