Going into Space?! – Astroneer #6 (Astroneer Alpha Gameplay)

Going into Space?! – Astroneer #6 (Astroneer Alpha Gameplay)
Playlist: https://goo.gl/P6cb1n
Astroneer is a game of aerospace industry and interplanetary exploration.

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/361420/
Website: http://astroneer.space/

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true66gt says:

your game is so smooth and quick. mine is so slow the trucks can barely make it over rocks

Brian Treftz says:

HydraZINE!! Not hydrolize!!!

Chad May says:


Chad May says:

Button guide

Brandon Kimbrough says:

Royal, what happened to the PS4 pro ark stream?

Chad May says:


Shan Solo says:

Hydrazine becomes hydralize and now terrain becomes Tehran lol

Dab- O -Tron says:


Alex Morris says:

Can you do a tutorial for the Xbox 1 ark survival evolved on split screen? My question is if you have already started a single player, can a second player join anytime?

KingSilverwolf says:

I’m gonna get this myself because every youtuber I’ve watched does the same thing search for resin compound etcetera either on the surface or in caves but ignore just digging and seeing what you can find. Where you see nothing there mar be hidden materials just dig at an angle to avoid falling into underground cave systems.

Chad May says:

Dude use the “FLATTEN” button every once in a while omg read this please in the comments

Chad May says:


Chad May says:


devinrod2 says:

Hey royal! I love this series and am glad you’re doing it. I was wondering if you’d think about doing a No Mans Sky, Survival Mode Series. I played about an hour of survival and boy is it challenging! Check it out if you get a chance

Chad May says:


cloudfan notthatcloud says:

What happened to this game? Did the developers need it to come out before Christmas? In fiscal year 2016? Whatever it was, the game was really not ready for release. I am ready to buy it as soon as it seems playable to me. I am a bit more critical since I began gaming 20-plus years ago, when game developers would not have dared to release a game that wasn’t completed and thoroughly tested. Of course, a video game was 40 USD back then.

Jborbz123 says:

Royal play raft it’s a new survival game

Jose Santos says:

Rolya u should play (space engineer) u can created ship giant battleship base go to other planets land on than build base is also multiplayer to rp asweld

Chad May says:


Nathan Crout says:

you can use that giant solar pannel in the background to get a crazy amount of power 28:51

Heavenly Potato says:

Those crashed ship parts that you thought were satellites in previous vids are actually really useful. You can see giant solar panels on the side of em and they can actually be used, but not taken off. You can get a wench and crane and attach em to the back of a vehicle and drag that solar panel back to your base. You can then put it in a hole or something and connect it to your base or vehicle to power it.

Sebastian Blackheart says:

The storage you researched is for your shuttle…

baja888 says:

what’s up with the thumbnail?

Allan Way says:

Merry Christmas Royal!
All the best!

Christopher Bowen says:

Loved the longer video!

Heavenly Potato says:

Try putting storage on the back of the habitat and putting more storage ON the storage, or just put tons of storages connected to each other so you can bring everything you need

Chad May says:

Flatten tool

Samuel Price says:

Bring a habitat

Sebastian Blackheart says:

You get lost in all these games so easily, it’s ridiculous.

Dimas Reza says:

bring back thieves island

José says:

i expected a 20 min chapter and this is 53 minutes, so much joy

Chad May says:


lazaurus opus says:

you should dig into the moon and see if there are other resources under the surface

Chad May says:


cloudfan notthatcloud says:

Hydrazeen, dude! Not hydrolyze, whatever, if anything, that is!

Chad May says:

Flatten button

keyan miller says:

last comment directed at royal

Holly Kearney says:

dose everyone think he is a regards say yes if you think so !

Benjamin Maupin says:

You need to use more solar panels for power instead of the generators. much easier

Josh Bridges says:

next live stream ?

keyan miller says:

your kinda a douch with what you say sometimes

Chad May says:


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