GIANT Zombie Fight – Bad Ending? (Skyhill Like) | Hazardous Space Gameplay Part 2

Let’s Play Hazardous Space Gameplay Ep 2

Something tells me this is not the good ending…

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Hazardous Space is a Roguelike 2d turn-based action game with RPG elements, where there is no room for friendly NPCs or safe locations. Using tactics, survival instincts, and your character’s skills, battle your way through hordes of zombies, mutants, and infected


Mr Roger says:

More pretty pls ^_^

Andrew Lopez says:

Hey Falcon, have you ever tried out Darkest Dungeon? Best freaking rogue-like RPG ever!

Choochoo Moo says:

Ka kawwwwwww

MrCazador123 says:

the bird wrench.

HeathenSWolf says:

Falcon, don’t forget about your skill, which reduce damage. I think that it’d be very useful in that big dude fight.
I’d like to see more 🙂

Third king says:


Austin Lingle says:

Play more dead in vinland plz

04deathscythe says:

do u plan on doing frostpunk’s other scenario?

Alex_e_Basta :D says:

What normal people see —>
What I see —>

Nobody Important says:

i hate it when you miss stuff to loot

Анатолий К. says:

But why would the boss drop so much good stuff if that’s the ending…

Danny Ho says:

Moar~~~~! more video… Like your video!

Wolf Warrior says:

Best party is the shotgun party, cause the shotgun party makes it rain BLOOD!

Cristin Sunshine says:


LV427 says:

Falcon, Judgment Apocalypse Survival Simulation was released just a few days ago. are you going to do another playthrough of it?

Luka Meklav says:

second like and 10th view

Death Bullet says:

1st to coment!!!

S Rex says:


Ali Boukria says:

Ey search Subterrain if you liked the theme of hazardous space. With more horror added on.

Death Bullet says:

Great vid!

Brian the Trainer says:

Keep playing Falcon

Oviie Mbem says:

So short, shorter than sky hill.

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